Thursday, February 23, 2017



Thank you again Lee Ann for providing a positive outflow of ideas on Thursdays. 

Things I like:

1. Nurses. They have such discipline and dedication!It doesn't make a difference what field they are in.  I could never do their job and certainly not longer than an hour much less 12 hours. So, thank you to all of them. 

2. Teachers. I know this covers a broad spectrum, but it definitely takes a certain personality to have such patience and adaptability. Elementary school teachers are especially creative with the young minds! I have seen the wonderful teachers my special -needs grandson has had at his public school and I am very impressed. I look at a paper plate or scraps of construction paper and see just that. But they are able to encourage their students to create those items into  great works of art.  AMAZING.
 These dedicated teachers along with their assistants are very  intent that their "special" students have life skills for self sufficiency in the big world which is so important. Each student in a classroom of ten has individual differences and needs. Adapting their classroom and teaching skills is an art in itself.

3. Charm Packs ( or any precut that saves me time).  Often, they are at huge discounts at Missouri Star Quilt Co., but even at a regular price they are valuable. You can take a printed charm pack and solid charm pack to make a small quilt.   Plus, the resulting size is easier to quilt in my domestic machine. Of course, they don't take up much storage space either. Sometimes, I just go through all of the packages I have to see how beautiful they are. And yes, occasionally I am surprised I purchased a pack.

4. The artist Kaffe Fasset's fabric designs.  I only have a few precut bundles of his lines but hope to get more in the future. Here is a " Jelly Roll Race" top I sewed together in one afternoon. I just had to try that pattern. The colors are stunning. This is the 2013 "Cool" line.

I hope to someday make a long skirt or Palazzo pants with his fabrics. Wouldn't that be "cool". I am in the process of designing and sewing a quilt top with another Layer Cake package of his design. I will post that soon.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy and don't forget to link up with Lee Ann for more "likeableness" :

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  1. Hi Mary! I got together with two other bloggers, friends, pugmom and academic quilter at a Kaffe Fasset exhibit in Philadelphia last year. His colors are so vibrant, and the patterns! I would love to see a pair of pants done with his fabrics! Yea to nurses and teachers! Going to check out prices at Missouri Quilts!LeeAnna

  2. I love charm packs! They are such a fun way to get a whole bunch of fabrics from one line and not break the bank! I have a couple stashed away right now just waiting for the right project. Nurses - oh so much! When my husband was in the hospital for a week after surgery awhile back, I appreciated them SO much! And thanks for your nod to teachers as well. I'm a retired teacher, and it sometines seems like very few people outside the profession appreciate how hard they work.

  3. Two thumbs up for teachers! We're in the midst of lots of discussion here about how we don't pay teachers enough so thanks for holding them up! We need more of that. Happy Thursday!

  4. Kaffe Fassett's fabric designs are rich in color and nature's designs ANd they make me happy! Nurses that are kind to us especially when we feel like crap! And teachers that teach and teach us to reach. i am reminded of the one that stans out from Hart high school, the radiant Mr Charles Stanley who among other things taught me passion for the arts! RIP Mr stanley.

  5. A long skirt in Kaffe's fabrics would be FAB! I love pre-cuts too! Yeh for nurses and teachers!!! They are the best! Have a great day!

  6. Those fabrics are so fun! I love the idea of a colorful skirt with these. Happy Thursday!

  7. What a lovely post and how sweet to give nurses and teachers a shout out. Kaffe's fabrics are amazing. I don't own any but I've gotten his books at the library and had a good oggle. I'm working my way up to them. I used to be (unlike LeeAnna) afraid of