Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Things I like Thursday Nov 29


Where did this last week go to??  I got a small amount of sewing done, but spent a lot of time cleaning. Here is my list of likes for this week:

1. A clean slate.   Each year on Thanksgiving weekend,  I clean the living room top to bottom before I set out Christmas decorations.  Each year it takes more out of me physically!  But, I like feeling like I got it done. So I did that Friday.  I put a few small touches of Christmas  out and crashed to watch movies with cocoa and cookies.

2. My new blue and white themed Christmas tree.  Saturday,  I spent the day putting up a new taller Christmas  tree with a  blue and white theme:

I normally don't spend that much time on the tree but I have always wanted a blue and white tree with no other color or mementos on the tree. It was a prelit 5 ft tree with 150 lights but I added another 100 lights.  What a difference.  I saw the owner of Balsam Trees on "Home and Family" who talked about ways to decorate the tree and he mentioned having 100 lights for each 1 foot section. This photo doesn't do it justice but you get the idea.  (It was a little difficult not to put mementos from the kids and grand kids, photo ornaments, etc. But, I can do that next year).

3. My daughter's Grinch tree topper.:
She took a green tennis ball and made it into The Grinch for my grandson. Hysterical.
(And, pretty smart.)

4. Lap quilt Christmas gift for Thomas.

I've got one gift done!  It's a whole cloth lap quilt at 41 by 45 inches  with monster trucks on one side and Phoenix Suns on the other.  I purchased 2 yds each but cut off 11 inches each to make pillowcases for his bed later.  The monster truck fabric was by  Elizabeth's Studio and the Suns fabric by Camelot was from Joann's . Both purchased online.  I pre -washed them twice with color catchers and they both turned out perfect with very bright colors.

5. Thanksgiving with my daughter's family:
It was nice and they put on quite a spread as usual.

6. Gluten Free dressing from Sprouts:
Excuse me, Stuffing. LOL It's very good.  I made half a batch with apples and took it with me to Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving (in U.S.) and a great week. Please join us at Lee Anna's post for more great "likes":Not Afraid of Color

Stay safe.😍

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Things I like Thursday Nov 22


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the U.S!

My pillow from last year- it just makes me smile.
" Gobble till you wobble". 

Here are my "likes" for this week:

1.  Blooming Lavender plants in November.
This is what happens when you forget to water for over a week. Interesting but very pretty.  I have 3 pots like this that are 2 years old.

2. My new Oster 10 cup food processor

I have been looking at all sorts of food processors for months. The one I had was small and very old-it was a hand- me- down from my youngest brother at least 10 years ago and I hardly ever used it. I didn't want to spend much money on one cause I was afraid I wouldn't  use it enough to justify the purchase, but my thumbs hurt so much lately when doing food prep.  Plus, where would I store (conveniently) in my very small kitchen?  This was $44 at Target and a great purchase.  It can also  knead dough if I ever need to do that.  All the pieces store inside the cup. (thank you)

 I sliced 5 peeled potatoes in less than a minute!!! It actually scared me it was so fast and loud!

When I was done, I set it on a pretty, small table in the corner of the dining room and hopefully will make a pretty cover for it after the first of the year. My kitchen will no longer be acceptable for HGTV.  Ha ha

3.  Hallmark's new movie "Christmas Everlasting" on Nov 24th. (Check your local listing)  This is from Marie Bostwick's novel The Second Sister. I'll record it for when I'm totally wiped out, need a rest and have hot chocolate. What a gift. I record all their new movies.

I did sew, but the projects are not quite done, so I'll share next week after I take photos. Obviously, this is a crazy week plus I'm fighting allergies again. Ugh.

Please join us at Lee Anna's sight for more "likes": Not Afraid of Color.
Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Things I like Thursday Nov 15


Our prayers go out to the many residents of California who are living with those terrible fires. I can't even imagine what is happening there. I am in awe of the firefighters and volunteers who are giving themselves to help others. Very scary stuff but loving human beings.

In keeping with positive jibes for the week, please join us at Lee Anna's sight: Not Afraid of Color for more "likes" .

Here are just a few of mine;

1. Kyrsten Sinema, the first female senator for Az.  I may not agree with all her policies, but I am pleased she won the long awaited female Democrat seat for the senate. It took a week for all the votes to be counted. I think they were delivered by Pony Express.

2.My  Moon and Back finished book.
This was such an easy and fun project. It only took a couple of hours to complete.
Too cute. It's for my great granddaughter, Kynslee who will be 1 in January.

3. Funny Christmas Trees at the At Home store.
I especially liked the dress form ones. My daughter thought they were outrageous.

4. My Grinch shirt.
I finally went for a little Christmas shopping at Kohl's, saw this shirt and had to have it for the next day as we took Thomas to see the new Grinch movie.

The movie was great but the 25 MINUTES of trailers beforehand were loud, violent and inappropriate for small children. We almost walked out because they were so bad. Thomas screamed a few times but didn't want to leave.  Theater management should think about that before adding those trailers to the Grinch movie. A 3 year old behind us was screaming, also.

5.  Organizing my quilt patterns. I didn't count them but they fill (4) 2 inch binders. I get so many online for free. Unfortunately, I had several duplicates.  Haha- guess I really like them. I have many tutorials saved on my PC but it's so much easier to follow on paper when I'm actually cutting or sewing the blocks.

6. Cooler weather:
I cannot believe I get to wear a sweater!
 It's the little things.

Thanks for letting me share a small glimpse into my world. I  pray you all have a safe and fun week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Things I like Thursday Nov 8


I hope everyone has had a great week.  mine was busy as usual with life events so I only have a few" likes" to post but please join us at Lee Anna's sight for much more:Not Afraid of Color.

This is a 3/4 year's worth of making blocks and I'm glad to have it off the design wall.  It's an unusual layout and a great use of color as well as scraps. But, I'm not sure if I'll make another.  I haven't started sewing Christmas gifts yet, so I'll have to wait till after the first of the year to find a backing and finish it.

2. End of the midterm election.  I'm pleased the Democrats changed the House of Representatives but wish the Senate had been changed as well.  We have been bombarded with election mail and television commercials and will not miss that at all. SMH

3. Answers to prayers. Of course, that's a no- brainer, but we did receive some good news yesterday on my brother's health which I had fervently prayed for, so I am really grateful.  Sometimes, we take things for granted.

4. Homemade chicken soup in 10 minutes. I used canned chicken (chopped) , chicken broth, lemon pepper seasoning, a little s and p ,  frozen mirepoix and sliced sweet peppers (chopped), 1/2 c macaroni and several dashes of the faux soy (amino acids) and poof= chicken soup in 10 minutes.  It was so easy and good. It's nice to have comfort food with our cooler weather.

Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018