Friday, February 10, 2017


My very first post here was from our local nursery and I'm happy to say my new plants are doing well considering we had a freeze 2 days after I potted my new plants! The early morning freeze lasted 3 days so all the plants were covered in sheets.  I was thrilled when I removed the covers to see it had kept them almost in a hothouse atmosphere.

This first lovely is the Bellis plant, a vibrant red blooming plant. It has doubled in size since I planted it a week ago. The instructions didn't state whether to keep the blooms cut but I probably will remove a few in a couple days. It is, however, in full sun as the card suggests. I should call it my Button plant.

This is my Snow Princess Alyssum which is such a perfect name. Delicate, sweet aroma and pure.
Alyssum has always been one of my favorites but this is the first time I have had a trailing or hanging type. LOVE IT.

I saved the best for last. This is one of three Lavender plants I have around my home. Love the smell and the plant. My nursery guide informed me last summer to not trim the lavender for the first year and boy, was he correct. The blooms do not stop. I believe this is the Italian Lavender plant. I don't think you can see the hummingbird EATING WHILE I WAS FLASHING PHOTOS (top left corner), so i enlarged that portion below:

He was so cute and the same purple tones as the blooms. Just sayin.
All of my plants are in pots because many times during the year I need to move them to a different sun exposure or I just need to redecorate. And since I have rock yards all around this house, I wouldn't dream of trying to dig a hole in the ground.  It's just too difficult to penetrate the ground.

Hope you enjoyed pieces of my patio garden and have a great day!

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