Monday, February 13, 2017


Since I first started quilting, I have tried to quilt for charity at least several times a year. I donated 3 in 2015 but only one in 2016. I just got so busy making quilts and stuff for family members, I forgot last year to make more. This year I hope to do better.
One of my favorite quilt blocks is the Scrap Strip block. I use 10 inch foundation papers from MSQC and just sit with my color designated  containers of scrap leftovers from my projects and a jelly roll of one inch black or white and start making blocks.  It is the most relaxing (while creating) form of sewing I can do.  I use the black or white strips for the center.  The black roll  is used with all my dark scraps and the white roll  is used with lighter color strips.   I sew the roll strip on the center diagonal of the 10 inch paper and then attach scraps to either side. When I think I have enough blocks for a quilt, I sit and tear off the paper, sew the blocks together, attach batting (usually left over pieces stitched together), backing and binding.  You must try it because it is fun! And, pretty much free.

Here's a photo of a quilt done this way (about 50 x 50 inches) that I donated to Project Linus in 2016.

It has dancing monkeys in it. Just sayin. It's a little dark but a boy would like it.

Here are 3 I donated in 2015 to Az Blankets for Kids. They provide blankets to kids going thru fires, Air Evac, Phoenix Children's Hospital, etc.etc.

They're all made from charm packs which are my favorite precuts. I try to make them about 40 inch square. The first quilt was made from charms with 1 inch sashing all around. I think the blue quilt was a disappearing 9 patch and the "wild" green one was full of animals, forests and wild things  charms randomly sewn together.

 If you haven't made donated quilts, I recommend trying this. It feels good to give back to the community doing something you love.
Not to say it isn't difficult (for a few minutes) parting with such lovely quilts.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

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