Thursday, February 9, 2017


Here are my "things I like" for today:

1. Flowers I grow that can be cut for my kitchen table. The sweet smell of Stock or Carnations is a nice start for the day.  They last longer than store bought and I don't have to wait till I'm shopping for more. Of course, here in Az, the growing season  only lasts for short periods in the spring and fall.

2. A refill on my prescription even tho "there are no refills" printed on the medicine bottle! How kind the pharmacist is to go the extra mile for me to have the medicine I need. Forget the fact I should have followed up with my doctor for a new refill.

3. Speaking of old prescription bottles, I save them to store old needles and rotary blades for the trash so those sharp tools do not hurt someone.

4. My spring loaded rotary cutter instead of the "click-on" types.
As long as I hold the bottom black piece to the handle, the blade extends and I can cut.  I would not remember to "click off" the other type. I have had this cutter since I first started quilting 4 years ago. 

5. Peoria Az. It's about 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix, smaller in population and very community oriented. We have great parks and a theater minutes from my home. There is a nice Community Center which provides services and activities for everyone. I am only about a mile from Sun City, so my neighborhood is  quieter  than I have ever lived in before. 

6. The TV  drama," This Is Us". It's on NBC  Tuesday evenings. It is the most realistic display of  families in our American society. The cast makes me feel as if I personally know the characters. The story line switches back and forth from the 70's/80's to current day which is fantastic because you see the raising of the kids to adults and the relationship of the parents. We look forward to watching it every week.

That's my quick list for today. Go to for more fun likeable lists and have a great day.


  1. yes! Yes to small nice neighborhoods. Yes to "this is us" so good. Yes to pharmacists who see the person behind the meds. As to the rotary cutter... a friend of mine had one, it got brushed off the cutting table accidentally, when it reached the top of her ankle, yep, the blade pressed open and it sliced tendons. In the blink of an eye. Be careful...quilting is a dangerous sport! LeeAnna

  2. I haven't watched This is Us, but see so many people who love it. I will have to check it out! Will also have to check out the type of rotary cutter you have. I just have a traditional Fiskars where you click the button. Most of the time I remember to close it! :)

  3. I have that same rotary cutter and find it very handy! I'm envious that you're getting fresh cut flowers these days!

  4. I'm so pleased I found your blog (via LeeAnna)! I live in a small city neighborhood which is very old fashioned in that everyone knows each other and helps each other. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I love stock and carnations; I've grown both in my garden and the scents are awesome! You are lucky to be harvesting flowers this time of year! Have a great day!