Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Things I like Thursday May 30


Happy end of May?  I'm sure many of you will be glad when your rain, snow, tornadoes and heat   weather stops.  We have had an unusually cool month and the 100's start in earnest today.  Plus our monsoons should start in a few weeks. Yay! (not)

Here is my list of likes for this week:

1. The folks at Del Webb Medical Center in Sun City for taking care of my son once again! He had an emergency appendectomy Sunday after having his emergency gall bladder surgery 3 months ago!  He's only 49.  Luckily he had the same surgeon to take care of him this time.  I don't understand what's going on because my son's  pretty- much healthy. Maybe it's all that red meat men like to eat?   Hopefully, these emergency situations will stop.
But, as I said, the staff there was most helpful and caring.

2.  "Like minds' . I was reading a post by Jocelyn at Canadian Needle Nana the other day with  her thought on impatience to get a project done so she can start a new one. That is so me. I make it to finishing the top of a quilt and want to start something new.  I try not to have too many WIPS and tell myself I need to finish them before I'm allowed to start something new.  Otherwise, nothing would get done.  I guess this problem is due to the "sandwiching" and "quilting" being hard on my back or the fact that I don't have a designated table for those jobs. Or maybe, it's because the "quilting" part isn't really creative? It's also  possible that we have squirrels here that attack, . Heehee

3.  My new "Zing" vacuum cleaner.

I forget I have a rewards program on a credit card; so, the other day I decided to  check on my rewards.  I had a lot of points and picked out a  new canister vacuum cleaner.  It arrived in 3 days!  I was so impressed with that delivery.  We have all- tile floors (which I'm not crazy about) and I've been using a Swiffer dry cleaner on most of the rooms.  But, it just didn't seem to pick up everything.  Plus, I couldn't get into narrow areas  or fit under furniture easily. I have a cordless upright vacuum that I received from the same rewards program but it also couldn't fit in small places and did not have those cute little attachments for cleaning blinds, furniture or hard-to-reach places.
This little Zing is truth in advertising!  It is very powerful, bagless and easy to use. I love free things.The day it arrived, I cleaned half the house!  It's the little things.

4.  Patriotic Earrings from Walmart

Aren't they cute?  I was grocery shopping and they were at the end of an aisle and only $3 for 3 pair.  Crazy.  The bottom pair is hard to see but they are dragonflies.  Since I retired , I seldom wear jewelry because I'm home a lot.  But, I recently realized I need to wear earrings almost daily  to keep my ears pierced.   I wore the dragonflies  over the weekend and need to go back and get this for a gift.

5. The Village Glow top is done:

This photo does not show the correct color for the sashing.  It is actually a very tiny red check. The border is a black with tiny colorful flowers. I really enjoyed making this very simple top from scraps.  I love this top and will keep it but haven't had time to quilt it. Luckily, it is sandwiched.   Maybe in a few weeks when I have more free time, I'll be able to finish this..

Gotta get ready for the king (Thomas) to arrive .  We have called him that for many years because we are happy to be his subjects of affection.  He has been here most days since school stopped the middle of May. Anyway, next week he will start at a new special- needs  day care facility for 3 days a week. He will come here 2 days per week for the summer.  We are anxious to see how he is cared for at the new facility.  It's scary to feel this vulnerable to strangers caring for him.  I pray for his safety and happiness every day.

Hope ya'll are healthy, happy and creating beautiful things.  Please join us at Lee Anna's site: Not Afraid of Color for more "likes".


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Things I like Thursdays May 23


I hope and pray everyone is safe and sound after all this crazy weather!  We have been blessed with cool temps here. This will be a busy week as Thomas gets out of school (cannot believe it's here already) and will be here at our home weekdays till June 3 when he attends a new day care.  When he's here, I don't cook, clean,  or sew- just relax and play with him. Then I'll play catch up on the 3 day weekend. Maybe.

Here are my few "likes" for this week:

1.  The Village on NBC .  Great story lines and characters. It's ending very soon for the season but I hope it comes back in the fall.

2.  Needle Books. 

I have never made one but I saw these on Pinterest! Yes, I was looking again. I've been away for years but got sucked in recently. Maybe I'll find time this summer to make one of these needle books.

3.  "Dits and Dots" quilt started.   This is a photo with the chocolate chip cookie for fortitude. LOL

Here's the quilt top so far

I started making a disappearing 9 patch with left over charms and Kona Snow charms. But, I'm just about out of the print charms, so now I have to figure out another coordinating 7.25 block to add to the mix cause this will be way  too small. I'll try to find stash yardage to compliment these.   I hope to get one more quilt done for the Hope&Dreams Quilt challenge as I do each year.

4.  Chicken Stroganoff from Kristyn at Lilluna.  I can't wait to try this recipe. I need more diverse recipes with chicken.

5.  Vegan Blender Waffles from Caitlin at From My Bowl.  My daughter gave me this link and hopes to try it too.  Since Almond flour is so expensive here, we'll share a bag. I'm looking forward to doing it all in a blender-we'll see how that works as opposed to a bowl.

Well peeps, gotta run and start my busy day. Thanks for stopping ( I love to hear from you). Please join us for more "likes" at Lee Anna's site:Not Afraid of Color.

Take care

Monday, May 13, 2019

Things I Like Thursdays May 16


So far, we are having a real Spring- we are shocked and happy. Here is a list of my "likes" for this week:

1. Naked Bee Lotion.

I only see this in Scrapbook or Quilt shops. Weird.  But, I got it as a gift for my daughter . It  smells WONDERFUL and is a little pricey for hand lotion but feels good.

2.  The Girl Who Came Home book.

I really enjoyed this book. It's the fact and fiction account of Irish immigrants aboard the Titanic-some of which survived.

3.  The Last Romantics book.

This is a good story about family life, love and death. It was recommended by Jenna Bush on the Today show.

4.  New clothes from Christopher and Banks.

 It has been my favorite clothing store for many years but I haven't shopped there much since I retired 3 years ago.  It seems more expensive than Walmart, Target or Kohl's, but Christopher and Banks has  great sales,  the same size always fits and the clothing  is better made than other stores'clothing.  I do not like to shop or try on clothes-I'm usually depressed when I'm done or "settle" for the next best fit or style.  But, most of my tops and pants do not fit and need to go.  I certainly do not need "dress up" clothes so I went for pretty and casual.  With the generosity of my son's gift card, I was able to purchase 6 tops and 2 capris for $130.  Unbelievable.  What a fun day to find all that and they still fit after washing. I just won't use the dryer. I recommend them highly.

5. Home Depot garden center. 

I usually forget to take photos when I'm out, but these caught my eye and I actually paused.

These tomato cages were just so pretty-like trees.

Zonal Geraniums.  For years here, we only planted geraniums in the Fall cause it was too hot in Summer. Now they have them available for summer blooms. so  cool.

But, I caved on this pre-potted plant:

A Petunias and Calibrachoa Hybrid. I got rid of my large collection of pots for plants because it's just too hard on my back dealing with soil, moving pots etc.  This was all done for me and I hope they last through the heat.

Well that's what has made me happy.  How about you?  Please join us at LeeAnna's sit:Not Afraid of Color for more "likes'.

Have a great week!

UPDATE!  I accidentlly hit the "publish" button on Monday when I started this post-sorry.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Things I like Thursdays May 9


I cannot believe it-- but it's 63 degrees and raining on a May morning here in Peoria Az. Unheard of weather. Cool and pretty.  We are usually much hotter and dry by now in the year.   I am so not complaining.

It's been a busy week again (aren't they all anymore?).   I have been reading interesting articles and taking a few photos so I have some "likes" to share with you:

1.  Yoga Joe's.  Cute and helpful!
    I have to thank Sally Hurley for the link to this unusual website.

2.  My daughter's garden. 

This is her first vegetable garden in that wood lined bed in the middle of her backyard!  Things  are growing crazy.  I'm so happy for her after the hard work setting it up a month ago.

3. Sunscreen article showing the dangers of using sunscreen.

Do not misunderstand-I use sunscreen when in the sun, but I avoid going into the sun as much as possible and wash my skin immediately after going back inside. I have never liked the idea of putting those chemicals on my skin. I've been wondering all these years when they would tell us :  it's killing us. Just sayin.

Kim at Home and Family tv show gave instructions  for  an "all natural" sunscreen but how do they really know it works?

4.  Rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club. 

Less than $5- very few ingredients (half of the verbage on the label is instructions) and no soy.

4 cups of cooked, cut up chicken= 3 meals worth in the freezer plus chicken salad made in 30 minutes. DONE.  This was so cool.

5. Interview with The Tattooed Quilter- Christoper Thompson) in his apartment in New York City.
I hope this link to the video works!  If not, go to Facebook and search Riley Blake Designs for the interview.

I enjoyed this video so much.  He is so talented and fun to watch!

6. My birthday celebration over several days- My son and DIL took me to the Vogue Bistro for dinner  Friday night in Surprise, Az. which was soooo good.  Then my daughter had 4 birthdays combined at her house on Sunday for Mexican food which we all gorged on.

7.  Mother's Day at Safeway.

I thought I got a great photo there- I especially like the toilet paper in the background.

Hope you enjoyed this week's "likes" and join us for more at Lee Anna's site: Not Afraid of Color.

Have a great week!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms.
mary  πŸ˜„

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Things I like Thursdays May 2


Hope everyone is enjoying Spring.  We had a rain shower yesterday so we're back in the 80's and 90's which is cool for us at this time of year. Very nice.  I can't believe we don't have medical appointments this week so maybe things will slow down!   I still watch Thomas after school 3 days a week and then I'll have him this weekend meaning  it's still busy but fun.

So, here are some of my "likes" this week even tho the list is short:

1. Sue's quilt is finished:

This one is really hard to part with.  I started it last year to the "sandwich" phase and it sat.  I spent 2 days last weekend quilting in the ditch and putting the binding plus label on.  Sue is a friend and staff worker of my daughter. She is such a cool woman but is suffering many medical issues in her 60's.  She is a great cook, gardener and home maker as well as being  accomplished  in her career at work.
  Sometimes, I meet someone and they make such a fun, long- term impression on me and that is Sue. She has been a good friend to my daughter. Her favorite color is purple.  I think I got that right in this quilt.  I never realized how beautiful green and purple are together!

I used 8 Fat Quarters from the stash, cut them into 5 inch squares and then made a Disappearing 9 Patch pattern for the blocks.   I had a small piece of fabric in the stash from Mary Jo's Sewing Room for the small green "pins" border.  The backing is also from the stash and I forgot to save the selvage on that piece for note taking.  A lavender jelly roll for backing sets off the green too.

It is 42 x 54 inches .  Here's the label:

Sue is taking a medical leave at work this summer so we'll give the quilt to her before she leaves.

2.  Pedicures at my nail salon Hakuna Matada ( no worries)-love the name.

The last few years it has been difficult to do my own pedicure so I found this little place in Sun City that does a great job for $18!! It lasts 3 weeks!  In the winter I give my toe nails a rest but then in the summer I get color cause I live in sandals.  I am so grateful for this salon.  Recently, my daughter has been going with me which gives us precious time together - just the two of us.

3.  Tagliani's Italian restaurant. 

Saturday, my daughter's family took me to lunch as a thank you for my house- sitting during the bathroom water leak disaster.  (It's still not done after 2 months but they are getting close).  This restaurant is so lovely, has great food and offers gluten free pasta.  Yummy. They even sell their own homemade sauce which is gooooood.

4.  Golden State Warriors are still in the NBA playoffs.  I'm exhausted watching them but it's still such fun.

I'm sure I liked more things this last week but forgot to write them down. That's the only way I can
keep track of things these days.
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Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!
mary πŸ˜„