Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Things I like Thursdays Sept 27


Hope everyone is having a good week!  Here are a few things making me happy:

1. Walking in the early mornings again.  It's been almost 6 months, due to the heat and a little thing called breathing.  Hee Hee .  Here are a few photos on my walk at 6 A.M.(ish):

The first photo is one where the owner used shiny blue rocks for a little river running thru her plants/animals.  The middle photo can only be described as "only in Arizona". The owner stuck fake plastic flowers (and butterflies)to the cactus. The last one is my view on my walk=tar, cement, rocks. A few trees. It's about 78 degrees when I walk but the humidity today was 47%. Unbelievable and bad for my breathing.  I'm still able to do a mile in 15 minutes which works for me.  I just wish I had a greener view.

2.  My daughter's new library book bag.  She likes to read real books, not on her tablet and so she checks out 3-4 at the library but was using a grocery bag for carrying.  I had some Kaffe Fassett Cool 2016 Jelly Roll strips and sewed them together for the bag.  I used some iron-on interfacing for body, quilted that piece and added a  scrap piece of turquoise Moda Grunge for the lining. I used batting scraps inside the straps.
She and I both love this bag-it's about 16 x 12.

3. Fall Shows on the television.  I cannot handle the daily news as I used to - it's disgusting . So, we are happy to have the returning entertainment- The Voice, The Resident, This is Us, etc.  But, some of the new shows also look interesting. I'll let you know.

I'm in the middle of making quilts for the Florence victims, so I don't have much free time these days. I'll post them when they are done. I feel so bad for the people of the Carolinas who are flooding still or it is yet to come.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I like Thursdays Sept 20


Hope everyone is safe and sound.  I only have a few likes this week as it's been an extremely busy week  with my brother so here goes;

1.  Fall Dining decorations.  this means we will have temps under 100 soon, right?:

Fall is my favorite season because we will finally cool off in October or November. The table topper and place mats are from last year but I wanted a plain orange tablecloth this time and couldn't find one. So, I went to Joann's and paid $9 for three yards of broadcloth! Score. Love those coupons.  I split it in half, hemmed and done.  The matching Fall quilt on the wall I made for the summer cause it has bicycles on it.

2.  Pumpkin pie in a mug. last week I shared the link and I finally  made it. It makes 2 mugs which we liked with some fresh made whipped cream. Very easy.

3. Front yard fall decor.  Are you sensing a theme here? While at Joann's I picked up some fake flowers for the front yard.  I don't usually use those but I'm so tired of plants dying from this heat.
I just added them to my Lavender and Vinca real plants in the area under a window. I like driving up to the house and seeing some kind of decoration.

4. The Miniaturist on PBS Masterpiece. I love these British shows. It just started this month. In 1600's a  young woman is married (forced to back in the day) to a wealthy man in Amsterdam. The husband gives her a large doll house which is furnished by a miniaturist but the creations reflect what is really going on in the house .  I love the period, costumes and story.
If it isn't, it should be rated R for content.I hope you can check it out.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Friday, September 14, 2018



As promised, here is the Quilts of Compassion Disaster Response Team post from Facebook:

The Quilts of Compassion Disaster Response TEAM is currently monitoring Hurricane Florence. We are planning a deployment to the area!!! We will have detailed information once landfall has occurred and Tier 1 organizations have responded to assist with immediate needs of food, shelter, clothing and medical attention. Quilts of Compassion is considered a Tier 2 Disaster Response Organization that responds 6-12 weeks to an area AFTER all “basic needs” have been met, to assist with emotional healing and needs of communities devastated by natural disasters. Our TEAM arrives into areas after Tier 1 organizations have left and residents are faced with the magnitude of months/years of the recovery process ahead of them. We arrive at the most important time in the recovery process...when communities start to feel hopelessness and are completely overwhelmed with the recovery process. Our Disaster Response TEAM brings hope...lovingly delivering beautiful handmade quilts...on your behalf...DIRECTLY to those that have experienced loss due to natural disaster. Since 2011, we made 20 deployments to 43 communities in 13 states...delivering over 25,000 quilts that are generously donated by the quilting community!!!
How can you help?
We are accepting quilts of ALL sizes, as well as fleece and crocheted blankets. You may use any colors or pattern for men, women, children or infants. They must be in new condition and quilts may be quilted or tied. If they are tied it must be with pearled yarn. We are unable to accept rag quilts, quilts that are personalized with a specific name, are holiday or sports team specific, are in worn condition, smell like smoke, have pet hair or stained.
Quilt recipients LOVE to find out who made their quilt and what state or country it came from. Please add a quilt label with any information that you would like to pass along to the recipient. You may also include a hand written card. Please include the card in an unsealed envelope and safety pin in a ziploc baggie to the right hand top corner of the quilt.
If sending USPS, please send to:
Quilts of Compassion
Disaster Response TEAM
Hurricane Florence
POBox 350296
Toledo, OH 43635
If sending FedEx Ground or UPS, please send to:
Quilts of Compassion
Disaster Response TEAM
Hurricane Florence
8248 Deerpointe Drive
Toledo, OH 43617
PLEASE include your name, address, phone number and email address!!! We will confirm the receipt of your quilts via a phone call or email within 48 hours of receipt!!!
If you are a Quilt Shop that would like to partner with our Disaster Response TEAM as an official drop off location or you are interested in volunteering as a member of our Disaster Response Team, we would love to talk to you! Please call us at 419-708-9343 or send a private message through our FB page!!!
We will continue to keep you updated as Hurricane Florence makes landfall on Thursday & Friday. We are planning on having a live Facebook Forum this weekend with more info once landfall has been made. PLEASE keep those directly in the path of Hurricane Florence in your thoughts and prayers in the days and weeks ahead!!!
I hope you can help by sending your quilts.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Things I like Thursdays Sept 13


In spite of the devastating hurricanes hitting our country both literally on the ground and by the White House today, I will try and focus on things I like this week:

1. Walmart quilting fabric.  I was at Walmart and "accidentally" walked down the small craft aisle and saw this:
I couldn't believe it- there were lots of solid colors in 2 yard cuts for $4.50!  I have used their fabric before which was fine.  I don't really need more but a navy solid can be used for sashing or binding so I grabbed one. I will wash it before cutting due to the color.  SCORE

2. Microwave Pumpkin Pie.  This came across my phone late last night and I will try it today:

I like mug cakes- but a pie- I am so in on this one.  Can you imagine the smell in my house later today?  Just sayin.

3.  New Living Room rug. I have tried not to purchase any new home furnishings since we down graded to this rental three years ago - so that my kids won't have to deal with so much when I'm gone years from now. We really don't need much for the home since it's just my brother and I or to replace things which are not that old and are in good condition.  But, the living room rug in front of the sofas was needing to be replaced. I didn't want to purchase anything so large (6 x 7 feet) online even tho there are some beautiful, affordable choices because I wouldn't know precisely when it would be delivered and didn't want it delivered  outside. 
I visited several furniture stores but couldn't find what I wanted till I was at Walmart (once again):
Here is what we got:
I love it-and we were able to fit it in my SUV to take home.  I'm impressed with the quality and plush of the rug and I believe the brand was Better Homes and Garden- the trash was already taken out so I lost the label.before writing this blog.  There is a whole aisle of rugs in many sizes, colors and designs at our local Walmart. I was shocked to learn (in person) that Penneys and Macy's don't provide rugs in their stores. Living Spaces did not have any designs I liked and were way over priced for my needs. So, there you go- Walmart won again.

I pray that any of you readers in the path of these hurricanes are safe and I can't imagine the worry you must be experiencing for your homes and livelihood after these storms pass. We are praying for you.

Stay safe.

Tomorrow I will post the info I received for any quilters who want to help in the recovery process by providing quilts to the affected areas.


Thursday, September 6, 2018

Things I like Thursdays Sep 6


Hope ya'll had a great holiday weekend.  I had my grandson here and we had fun. Then Monday, I was able to sew in the afternoon.  I can't believe how much sewing I've been able to do lately! I also have noticed my creative mojo is back since I've been reading my Quiltfolk magazine.

Here are some of my "likes" for this week.

1.  Old PBS shows I've been watching all summer.  I don't even care how long ago they aired because they are new to me- Grantchester,  Call the Midwife,  Inspector Morse,  Doctor Blake Mysteries, and Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries.
The latter takes place in Australia during the roaring 20's so part of my fascination is with  the costumes and design.  It's also fun to see a female sleuth in charge.
 All of these stories take place  many years ago with fantastic attention to detail of the times. This is such a great escape from reality of current tv.  Just sayin.

2.  My Hand Quilting is done:

The Falling Triangles quilt was machine pieced and then I hand quilted stitch in the ditch on all sashing  seams.  It took 8 months of occasional tv sewing to get it done.  I've never hand quilted before.  I liked doing it but my stitches on the back are not very pretty.  The top is fine.  I am impressed  how much softer this quilt is with this type of quilting.  This was a second quilt from leftover layer cake triangles from several years ago where I now added stash borders and backing.  It's bound in yellow Bella Solid. Here's the label

I felt it necessary to put "hand quilted" on it. LOL

3.  Sue's Disappearing 9 Patch quilt is started.
Here are the most common 5" cut blocks joined for the 9 patch.  Then I cut the block (about 14") in half horizontally and vertically ( so easy):
Aren't they sweet new blocks?

I  joined them into rows for a center of the top:
I'm surprised how much the green shows up in this photo.  I am going to add a narrow border (green or lavender) then a 5 inch mottled print border. The center is 39 x 52 before borders. I'm really liking these colors.

Well, need to get chores done and then to grandson's house.  Please join us at LeeAnna's for more "likes":Not Afraid of Color.  I appreciate you stopping by to see my little corner of the world and hope to hear from you.

Have a great week.

Monday, September 3, 2018


Isn't that a misnomer?

Why would we celebrate a day of work? Hmmm.

Originally, this day was designed to unify union workers and reduce work time from 70 hours a week!  It worked, but unfortunately, people still want to shop on this day so retail staff work even harder. We are a crazy mixed up country.

In honor of Labor Day, I'm gonna leave my monthly contribution at Walmart  this morning for groceries then probably sew the rest of the day while watching movies.  Gotta stay indoors cause it'll still be over 100.

I remember when I was young this was the last big holiday before school started here in Az. We spent the day with our family eating and playing.
 Now,  they have those poor kids starting school in early August when the temps are still 110! That's just wrong for everyone. Families still get together today for that last good ear of corn or tasty watermelon but here we have to eat indoors.  Kinda ruins the whole "picnic" idea.

While  I worked in the auto dealership business over 20 years, I usually worked this day to get the previous month's accounting complete; as my daughter needs to do today, also.

Thank you retailers and many other people who are working today. We do appreciate you.
Hope everyone gets to enjoy some down time and that watermelon.