Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Things I like Thursdays May 31


Hope everyone had a good week.  Ours was a busy one with graduation, birthdays and life. Here's a list of things I like and am grateful for:

1. Okabashi sandals. They are made of rubber I think. I found them at the local Safeway.  They have arch support and hug my foot so they aren't really a "flip-flop".

I wore them many years ago and had forgotten how good they feel around the house!

2. My new Bicycle Quilt. I saw this Bicycle panel at the local quilt shop and just had to have it. Then the owner showed me what she did with it per a pattern by adding leaf blocks and fussy cutting the panel into strips for a border.

Well, her quilt was too big, but I used that idea and made a smaller one. The fabric and panel is from "Autumn Road" by Wilmington Prints.  I had to have it on my wall for summer, so I dropped everything (I think they have a diagnosis for that) and finished it. It's 40 x 55. It was difficult to make but so worth it.

3. My bicycle tea towel. I wasn't looking for one but accidentally saw it at the Safeway also! Score.

It hangs a few feet from the quilt. I just think this new theme in my kitchen is cheery. I don't own a bike but would like one while I can still ride one so maybe I'll find one around here.

4.  "Genius" on PBS with the series on Picasso.  I can't believe  Antonio Banderas is the actor portraying the great artist.  What a great acting job by Antonio. Picasso was so extravagant in his life. I can't say I understand his paintings but appreciate his passion.

Well, have to run to the grandson's house. I appreciate all who visit and so enjoy your comments! I learn something every week by our sharing. Please join us at Lee Anna's post for more "likes " at Not Afraid of Color.


Monday, May 28, 2018

I'm not getting all emails from Blogger

Hi- just a notice to anyone who stops by- it appears I'm not getting all emails from Blogger as others have experienced also.  Hope Blogger fixes it soon. I will try and respond on the blog when I can.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

A quiet day at home


Well, it's Sunday after my first week of being gone to grandson's house, his 8th grade graduation ceremony, and a dual-birthday/grad party yesterday.  I'm tired but happy.  The house is nice and quiet.  I have a list a mile long of chores to accomplish today and tomorrow but at least no one is here and I don't have to get in the car and be on the road somewhere.

Graduation was just so sweet and meaningful for Thomas.  For a young man born at 1pound /11 ounces with a serious bunch of diagnoses, he truly is a miracle child. He graduated  from 8th grade at a public school and is headed for high school in the fall. I'm so concerned for his welfare in a much larger, dangerous setting, but pray God will keep him safe.  He will have an assistant and will stay in one classroom for the year and we are told this is the best school for his needs.
Here is my cute, happy buddy:

Then we had his birthday/grad party on Saturday at the local pizza joint which was nice to have family and friends celebrating. The best part for me was Thomas insisting on reading (outloud) each card!
He's becoming more independent every day which fills my heart with joy for his future.

When I returned home I literally planted my butt in front of the tv for 6 hours! What a crazy busy week.  I had a nervous but fun night watching my favorite basketball team -Golden State Warriors- win their game. Whew.

Now this morning I am catching up on reading blogs, running laundry, watering plants, changing sheets and hopefully , getting more on the list done. It's like working outside the home again, planning meals for my brother for the week, getting the house in order , etc. But, spending days with Thomas is so worth it and helping my daughter out for the summer is a good thing. It's only 3 days a week that I'm gone, but as we get older, playing catch up takes longer. hee hee

I am just so grateful for my life, family and friends.  Thank you to all the veterans who have given their service to keep us free.

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday weekend!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Things I like Thursdays May 24


Well, we are officially in summer- schools out for most kids and it's hot all the time (at least for me).  Once it gets to 90's everyday, it's just too hot for me.  But, I've lived all my life here, so I just stay in till Christmas (just kidding- I stay in after noon each day till October).

Here's a list of my likes for this week :

1. My cooking spices moved to a different cabinet.  I put them in one place when we moved in 3 years ago and have fought every time to see where a spice is while cooking.  I finally stopped the other day and moved them to a lower shelf in a different cabinet over my huge crock pot on the kitchen shelf.  I've moved a few other things around on the counter of this mini kitchen too.  Moving the spices had made such a difference in my cooking prep and time! As I always say, it's the little things.

2.  My finished "30's print" quilt.  I love how the addition of pink added to the overall color and design of this quilt:

This will be added to my donation pile . It's about 50 inches square. I used the MSQC pattern "4 x 4" made with 2 1/2 inch strips I cut from some 30's prints I've had in the stash for years.  I also used scraps for the second border and binding. Kinda cheery, don't you think? And, I made a slight dent in the stash.

3.  My May Pink/Rose RSC blocks.

Aren't they pretty? I used what few pink/rose  scraps I had on hand and then green (ish) mini charms
for the centers. I had no idea how dramatic that choice was till I saw the photos. I also didn't realize how little of pink I've made in quilts.  Hmmm.-maybe I need to join a fat quarter club to enhance my stash.  Have any of you joined a fat quarter club that delivers a bundle monthly? I don't need to spend a fortune but my stash is pretty boring.

4. My new tablecloth  clamps. I have a round table on my patio with a red checkered vinyl tablecloth on it. The cloth  constantly lifts with the slightest wind ( which we have almost everyday, for some reason). I had several ceramic plant pots on the table holding the cloth down.  So, I went to True Value store and found these clamps:

These work perfectly! I was so surprised how strong they are.  BTW, I had a delightful time at the True Value in Sun City as they pack so many different wares similar to the old fashioned hardware stores in the mid west of the U.S..  I spent an hour there!

Well, I have to run and get ready to go my grandson's house as I'm starting taking care of him for the summer, today! I hope I can prepare these "like" posts in advance each week.
Please join us at Lee Anna's post for more "likes":Not Afraid of Color.

Have a great week!
 I look forward to your comments!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Things I like Thursdays May 17


Hope everyone is having a good Spring. Here is my list of "likes" for this week:

1. My daily journal. I started this journal in Jan and wasn't sure I would stick with it, but between memory issues some days and recording important events, it has proven to be a smart choice these 5 months later. I do recommend recording daily events that stand out as well as future important appointments. I don't record many feelings, just stand -out thoughts on the day.

2. My finished Knotting Hill top. 

Somehow it looks regal. (maybe in time for the royal wedding?)   I'm glad it's finished and now have a cream flowers-on-flowers for the back which hopefully will be sandwiched this summer. The blocks are from a "recipe book" by Moda. I don't have a clue how I will quilt it but I know it  will not be fun since there are so many seams on the back!  Ugh.

3. Discount Tire's free tire air pressure check. 

I try to go to their facility each month to keep my tires checked.  Especially in the awful summer heat, those guys come out in the sun and check my tire pressure while I sit in the car! I know it's a small service to other people but it's a big thing to me. I just wish gasoline stations still checked the fluids, etc.

4.  Imitation vanilla flavoring .  I know, how weird.  But, I use a lot of vanilla and have used the real vanilla extract for many years.  Recently I tried to purchase 1 ounce of the real thing and it was $8.00! That is SO not in my budget.  I heard that there's a world wide shortage of vanilla due to a poor crop in Madagascar which produces 80% of the world's consumption of vanilla.  Vanilla now costs $60 more per kilo than silver. HUH?  What's this world coming to?  Thank goodness we have the imitation flavoring with all the chemicals.

5. My snow peas harvest. 

Sad.  But, they are really tasty.  I can pick about 5 a day so far.  Maybe, there's a week or so left. Now that I know I can grow them from seed,  maybe next year I'll grow more.

6.  Britton Buchanan on The Voice.  This 18 year old kid has such a cool voice and presence. We really enjoy The Voice not just for the performers, but the judges as well.  These musical contest shows are such a welcome change to the daily news shows.

This is quite a mixed bag of "likes" but a fun look back at what makes me happy. Today, I hope to get some more sewing done before the house chores can no longer be ignored. (hee hee).
I hope you will join us at Lee Anna's post for more "likes" at Not Afraid of Color.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I like Thursdays May 10


Hi Everyone.  It's getting pretty hot here-over 100 every day. (Yes, we are 10 degrees above average) so I haven't gotten out much as I usually become a hermit with these temps. So, my photos may decrease in number for the next few months.  Also, in 2 weeks I will be watching my grandson at his home 3 days a week because school will be out and my time will be limited on the computer. Just a heads up on my schedule for the next 3 months.

In the meantime, here are my likes for this week:

1. My birthday lunch at Vogue Bistro in Surprise Az  on Saturday.

This is their online photo as I was so busy with my son and daughter in law, I forgot to take pictures. This is the Vogue  burger.  The upscale restaurant  is a French American bistro/bar with really good food.

2.  Fabric for a tablecloth for my son. He purchased a large new table for his patio and wanted a cover for when the table was not in use, so I found this outdoor fabric at Joann's at 50% off! Score!

I have to say it was pretty cool to layout bolts of fabric and photo them.  Then I texted the photos to both of them on their jobs and let them choose. I made the tablecloth in an afternoon except for the elastic corners which will be adjusted after the tryout. The photo isn't a true color- the fabric is slightly darker but very pretty. The table is about 45 x 84. All I had to do was cut it to size and double hem all sides, then add elastic under the corners to keep it on the table.

3.  My new Flower Windmill.  This  was a Mother's Day present from my son.  It is a solar powered metal windmill lighting up the area by my front door at night. It's really pretty but this photo was taken at dawn.  I will try and get  a daytime photo later.

I love it. It was a pretty light at night also.

OK-here's a better view from the front:

it's about 24 inches across!

Well, hope ya'll are having a great week. Please join us at Lee Anna's site Not Afraid of Color for more likes.

Thanks for stopping by!

added several hours later:

Here is an article I just read at the New York Times.  I did not appreciate the Kardashian photo but the article is very interesting for us quilters. Goto

you're welcome.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Things I Like Thursdays May 3


I hope many of you are finally able to celebrate Spring.  The last week has been crazy busy with the teacher's strike and me watching my grandson as much as possible! The strike MAY be over tomorrow if the legislature passes the bill today.  I'm writing this on Wednesday because I may not be home tomorrow.

On that note, here is my list of likes for this week:

1. Having my 70th birthday yesterday. May Day. I have the most thoughtful kids who celebrate me with such love. My daughter took me for a SPA DAY at the Fairmont Princess Resort:

This photo was provided by the resort ;however, this was my view reclining on the raft in the pool which is on the roof of the resort. Unbelievable Relaxation.

 We ordered lunch delivered by the pool guys (yes) which included a sinful chocolate cake:

I do believe it was the best chocolate cake I've ever eaten.  Those are swirls of caramel and chocolate on the side!

2.  I have pods on the snow pea plant. I was so excited to see these pods:
It's such a lovely plant- delicate leaves climbing on the mini lattice work- all in a large pot. I hope this pot is not too small!  Even tho I love these pods, I would plant this just for the view!

3. Thinking outside the box. . I needed something to carry snack crackers now in my purse (in case I have a hypoglycemic attack) and didn't want crumbs by the end of the day.  Voila- an old eyeglass case:

I couldn't believe how well they fit and didn't take up too much room in my purse.

4. Roses for my birthday. My sweet brother who lives with me gifted me these unusual colored roses- maybe pink/lavender?  Any way , I love the smell and view. :


Saturday, I go to lunch at a French bistro with my son and DIL.  I can't wait. I'll post about that next week.

As you can see, I've had a lovely week.  Today I return to the doctor for follow- up and pray all is well.

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Have a great day!