Tuesday, February 28, 2017



The other day I saw a handle cover for a pan (especially a cast iron) on sameliasmum.com.
I used some of her instructions and made my own. I drew a line around the handle on paper, added and inch all around and cut out for a template.
 Then I took (2) 5 x 7 scraps of batting (bigger than the template) and attached a scrap backing face side down to the batting for each one.  I then gathered a bunch of random scraps and started sewing them to the batting with the backing underneath. (QAYG style). I made 2 pieces: scrap top sewed to batting and backing underneath.

When I was done, I cut out a 1 1/4" x 4" strip of binding and attached it to one end on the back of each piece. Then folded the binding over to the front (scrappy side)  tucking in a 1/4 inch hem and sewed it down ON EACH PIECE. So, you now have 2 pieces with a binding at one short end.With a Frixion pen, I drew a sew line around the handle template on the backing side (leaving the bound end open). I pinned the 2 pieces right sides together and sewed around this line, turned the handle right side out and pressed.  I found it a little bulky so I just left as is at this point, but you could top stitch around the edge.

I don't normally write instructions, so I hope this is helpful to anyone who wants to make one. If not, please refer to the original tutorial listed above.

The fact that I only used scraps is wonderful and I will be making more. Since this was my first one, it took about an hour but I'm sure anyone could make these assembly style and make several in an hour. I plan to make my son a few  in different sizes for camping.

I confess, this was really fun and gave me an hour of creativity in a busy afternoon. If you make a handle cover, send me a photo!


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