Friday, February 3, 2017


I've been wanting a new pillowcase for my bed so I searched thru my stash and found this lovely striped fabric  and a peach for the border. This pattern/tutorial  is from MSQC and from start to finish took about 30 minutes.  I love Missouri Star Quilt Co..  Jenny's tutorials are so easy and fun for this newbie. I have purchased a ridiculous  sizable amount of fabric there- especially pre-cuts.

 I find the standard cases from a store are too short and the next size too long but this is just right, a higher quality cotton and so pretty. Yes, I'm very pleased with myself from yesterday's "hard work".
I hope you may be inspired to try this simple fun tutorial.  Send me a photo if you do! I find her tutorials on Facebook and You Tube under MSQC.
Enjoy this day!


  1. Beautiful! I love making pillowcases - and for a few years - I used them as Gift Wrapping for my kids presents ;-)

    1. what a great idea! Wish I thought of that at Christmas!