Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Things I like Thursdays Jul 18


Hi to all.  Unfortunately, this post will be short as I honestly cannot come up with more than a few "likes" to post.  I know, sad. Life is pretty dull around here while we sit in front of the tube keeping cool. No cooking unless it's the microwave and  staying home out of the heat.  I'm even putting off going to the grocery store till later this week when it cools down to 105. And contrary to public opinion, it is not a dry heat as the monsoon is coming. Gheeze.
 Our pantry and freezer are full so it's not like we're gonna starve- I just need to get creative with cold foods.

Here's my list such as it is.

1. Hallmark Christmas movies all month.  They were on one channel till last Sunday and now they are on the original  Hallmark channel till the 28th.  We have seen all of them but are watching them again cause there is nothing  much on the tv, now that Wimbledon is done.

2. The Gentlemens Match at Wimbledon. (cool title) That was 5 hours of tennis.  "Well done!" to both of them.

3. Purple Butterfly

I spent over an hour on this one whereas the others have taken about  a half hour.  I made the butterfly first and then tried to fill in where he had landed.  That was fun. I'm not a fan of the color orange but I liked how it balanced the colors here.

4. The tv show, Instinct - on CBS , Sundays. A fomer CIA operative who now is a professor of abnormal behavior studies  pairs up with a female NYPD detective  to solve crimes.  Alan Cumming ( of Broadway fame) is the gay professor and does a wonderful job as well as the female lead.  We really like this show.

5. Dits and Dots is sandwiched.  It  was so easy to work on at the kitchen table cause it was only 44 inches square.  Love those small quilts.

Well peeps, that's about it.  Hope ya'll are keepin cool.😎
Please join us at Lee Anna's for more "likes":Not afraid of color

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Things I like Thursdays Jul 11


Hope ya'll had a good week.  We had fun.  Please join us at Lee Anna's site: Not Afraid of Color for more "likes".

Here is a list of my "likes" for this week:

1.  My son's beautiful and "cold" new swimming pool.

The big unit behind us on the back patio  is his hot tub along with his "Green Egg" barbecue system.   "Cool Jazz" was playing in the background.   (The "kid" knows how to live- he's almost 50).

 The last photo is of the waterfall.  Everything is remote controlled.  Really cool.  The water was too cold to swim in except for a few of us.   Everyone else didn't even put their suits on  but stuck their feet in the water..
  This cold pool water  is just so unusual for this area in July. But, the bad temps (113 degrees)  this week will warm up the water very soon.

2.  My new quilting group about 1/2 mile from my home.  It's in a quilt shop (after hours) for UFO's and WIPS.  The group is very small but gets me out of the house for an evening. The ladies were complete strangers but very nice and welcoming. I was able to sew the Dits and Dots top together:

And yes, the quilt has legs.  I did a disappearing 9 patch block with a solid block.  All made from left over fabric cut into charms for the 9 patch.  It's a baby quilt about 44 inches square.

3. "Roses are Purple" painting.  Thanks to "Creations CEECEE" for the tutorial.

This was so fun to make and I love turquoise with purple . I just keep trying CeeCee's videos.  She makes it seem so simple. And it is!

4. Stuffed Peppers from my daughters garden.  These red peppers were from her garden and I just used a mixture of  browned  hamburger, cooked rice, a can of diced tomatoes with some seasoning all stuffed inside the peppers.  I put them in the slow cooker for 3 hours on low  and supper was done.

5.  My new PUR water purifier.  I had been thinking about installing one and Lee Anna gave me the idea again, so I just did it.

 I've been feeling guilty about all the plastic water bottles we've been using ( a case a week). I couldn't  buy them because the case was  too heavy so my son- in- law has been bringing them over, weekly. Of course, most of you have seen what we are doing to our planet and fish with these plastic items that are thrown away.  We do recycle as much as possible in our home but it just seemed smarter to not have the bottles in the first place.

Now, I just make a pitcher of water every morning, keep it in the fridge and we fill our insulated metal drinking bottles from that.  We could fill them from the faucet but the water is too hot due to summer here. We have not used a plastic bottle since last Thursday!
The filter should last about 3 months. I had one of these PUR systems in our old house and loved it. I don't know why I never got one for this house in 3 years. I'm so glad I did a few days ago! I highly recommend this system.

Well peeps, gotta go and get laundry done- Ugh. I'd rather be sewing or painting.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a good week.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Things I like Thursdays Jun 4



Yes, this is my kitchen table. It will be a low key day here but I  hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.  And just in case you are wondering, I will not have the tv on due to the disgusting display by Trump in our capitol .

However, in keeping with our "likes" tradition at Lee Anna's site, here are my "likes" for this week.

1.  Discount Tire.  As you know, I don't handle "car trouble" well because  most repair shops are gleeful when a single old lady walks in the door.  But I must say I've always felt respected and taken care of at Discount Tire. Since I've been at 2 different stores in one week (with 2 different problems), I find that comforting.  Each time, the problem was taken care of for free since I've only purchased my tires there for many, many years.  just sayin.

2.  My Lavender Pot painting. 

As expected, I have been trying this new hobby almost every day!  This was a little difficult getting the shape of the pot, but overall, I'm pleased with it.  I do love my lavender pots out front of the house.

3. Sam's Club pulled pork in the refrigerated section of the store. .  It's already cooked and has minimal ingredients.  My daughter picked it up for me and we will have at least 3 meals out of this one package.  The best reason for this purchase was how tender the meat is but still lean!

Seasoned just right so you can add any sauce you want.  My daughter knows I don't cook much in this heat, so this was so nice. She also grabbed me a rotisserie chicken since I was caring for Thomas. Win win for me.

4.  Just in Case.
These are right by the front door. I put them there when we moved in but just realized how funny this is. My guardian angel and home security.

5.  My wax warmer to make the living room smell nice.

Wow, glad I dusted last week.  heehee.
  Anyway, I love this one because it's electric and gives out a little light at night.  But, it smells so good when I melt the "sugar cookie" scented wax cubes from Walmart, that it makes me hungry!

6.  The Kilona Iowa quilt block walking tour online:

This looks like such a wonderful place to visit. 

Well friends, that's  my list of fun items for this week.  Hope you'll join us at Lee Anna's for more at: Not Afraid of Color.

Have  great week. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Things I Like Thursdays June 27


This has been a fun week.  I have a new hobby thanks to LeeAnna.  It's watercolor painting.  Very relaxing and creative. Needless to say not much else got done these last few days-heehee.  I must say I finally feel as if I'm retired after 3 years not working! Just mostly playing.  I'm feeling just a tiny bit guilty not getting chores done but that too shall pass.
Without further ado-here are my likes for this week:

1.  Movies watched- Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  A Tom Hanks movie. A young boy finds his father's key after the father died in one of the towers of 9-11. The story is about the boy trying to find out what the key is for.
   Get Low.  A Robert Duvall movie. It's a true tale of an old man planning his funeral to take place while he's alive.  I know this is a bizarre thought but the movie kept my attention.
Both movies were good.

2. Having a blog. Duh. I'm not on Instagram, Twitter, etc.  I don't want to spend all day on social media. I can barely keep this blog going and I don't take it too seriously. It's such a fun way to socialize with you while keeping a journal of my life. Someone once said:"why be an artist if you aren't sharing your work?".  Well, I just feel good creating, whether it be quilting, cooking, or crafty stuff. I am so grateful for followers!  We all need to connect. I so appreciate your comments, ideas, respect and encouragement. I'm happy to share my thoughts on your sites, as well.

3. My new hobby- watercolor painting.  Thanks to Lee Anna, I was sucked into a video at Creations CeeCee. First, I need to explain- I cannot draw and never had "doodled".  Weird, but my analytical side felt doodling was a waste of time.  I know, sad.  I remember doodling on my books at school when I liked a boy. Other than that, no doodling.
Well, CeeCee made watercolor painting look so effortless and doodling just enhanced the art. I had to try it. :

I ran to Michael's and bought just a few items-correct type of paper, brushes and a pastel paint set.
I literally couldn't wait to start when I got home. My brother was gone for the weekend so it was quiet.  I watched CeeCee on You Tube and made 4 small "tulip"  cards:

I put a "chill" station on the radio and spent the afternoon "painting".  And, I doodled a lot. What a delightful day.
Then on Saturday, I looked at Shayda Campbell on You Tube for more tutorials and decided to start a larger painting. I got on Amazon and ordered more paints and Micron pens.

I decided to add stamps so that necessitated a trip to the Scrapbook store down the street. I was told they didn't carry wood stamps.  Huh? I was then educated how times have changed.  "They" use an acrylic block with photopolymer stamps that are stuck to the block then dipped in ink:

I spent some money on these and do not like the process. I'll get the wooden stamps somewhere else.
My fingers could not handle these tiny stamps. Plus, I got ink everywhere cause the block was too big.  I'll save them in case I want to try again in the future.
I then asked for paint brushes and they didn't carry them either! ( I felt old and stupid, but the salesgirl was patient and kind).  "they" use a water filled brush.  That would so not work for me. I actually laughed. She didn't see the humor. Anyway, the store  was lovely so I did see a lot of pretties.
Since my brother was gone a few days, I was able to leave the painting out on the kitchen table for 2 days!  I would walk by and decide to add something else. Loved this process.  I'm very happy with the finished project.
My second Watercolor-Blue Pot:

It's 9 x 12 and I love it.

4. Thomas' new mini apron.  I did have a few minutes to sew this week.  Due to Thomas  only using one hand to eat and sometime spilling liquids, we have been stuffing a towel on top of  his nice shirts for eating.  ("bibs are for babies").  So, I just took some measurements, grabbed some scraps and made him a mini apron (it only goes to the lower waist).

He loves it.  He tricked me by closing his eyes to pretend he was sleeping when I took the picture. Stinker.

Well, that's MY week.  Hope yours was just as fun.  Please join us at LeeAnna's:Not Afraid of Color
for more "likes".

Take care.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Things I like Thursdays Jun -20


We're having a cool spell-105's - so I'm happy it's not 112.  LOL. I  hope you are enjoying the summer and your weather has calmed down.  Life problems still going on around here ( seems like it never stops) but, I've got a few "likes" to share with you for this week.  When I get stressed,  I try  to sew and it works cause I go to La La Land. hee hee.

Here we go:

1.  My new US pillow or as Thomas calls it " the states pillow".

This is a panel  from Connecting Threads so it was super easy to put this pillow cover together.  I only used one of two maps and then made the back with a dark gray.  I love this pillow  but it really came in handy to teach Thomas where all the basketball players are from.  LOL. It's 20 inches square which forced me to go to Joanns for a new pillow.  I usually use 16 inch pillows on my sofa.  It's only 4 inches but you wouldn't believe the difference  when they are all placed on the sofa.

2.  A Tommy Bahama outdoor tablecloth for my son's patio:

It's 54" x 90" !  It was tough maneuvering around the  sewing machine and ironing board cause it was heavier than quilting cotton.  This is the second one I made for him cause the first one I made  last year  got holes in it from a candle. UGH. The fabric was originally $21 per yard at Joann's but luckily, I paid about $8.50 per yard thanks to a sale and coupons. SCORE. My son paid for the fabric and I gifted the work.  There is some light turquoise in the design but for some reason it does not show in the photo.

3.  My Books for Summer reading:

Remarkably, this is a story about 3 women who meet in a grief support group and dropout.  They become good friends and support each other. I like all of the author's books and this did not disappoint. Of course, I was initially sucked in by Marie's references to quilting.

The Perfect Couple

In Nantucket, the maid of honor's body washes ashore on the morning of  wedding day.  I'm reading this now but it really is good so far.

A Woman Is No Man

This was a sad but beautifully written mystery of a family of 3 American -Iranian women.  It was quite a picture into their culture. I could not put this book down till I was finished. It was recommended by Jenna Bush Hager's book club on the Today show.

It's been wonderful getting back to reading lately.  I love a good escape.

That's my list for this week.  Hope you can join us at Lee Anna's site for more:Not Afraid of Color

Take care.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Things i like Thursdays June 13


I seem to say this every week- where did the week go?  And, what am I going to post about for our "likes" day? -  here goes:

1.  Flamingo display at Joann's- this is for Lee Anna.

The photo does not do the display justice.  It was so pretty and whimsical. Plus, there were very reasonable prices.

2.  Lura  If you go there- go to "gallery" then choose "Art Quilt Gallery".  I was blown away by this woman's talent. However, that is not a secure sight so I didn't link any photos.

3.  The city of Peoria library park.  

This is the view at the entrance to the library.  Considering the temp today (112) it's pretty green and peaceful.

4.  My new insulated bag for grocery shopping.

I got it at Joann's for $8 on sale. Much prettier than the ones they sell at the grocery store and advertising their name.  Here in the Peoria area, most of us residents carry a cooler in our trunk (mine is just styrofoam) and insulated bags for grocery shopping.  I try to go before 9AM cause it gets so hot early in the day.  Now I wish I had bought several of these bags. Oh well.

5.  Thomas' birthday cake made by my daughter.  He loves Monster Jam:

She used Chips Ahoy crumbled cookies to make the dirt! She then put a small straw inside the cake to hold the toothpick up and laid the newly purchased truck on top of the  toothpick. . very smart. Thomas was so excited.

WARNING: Out of control photos ahead:

6. Village Glow quilt is done.
Here it is in the middle of binding:

It's 57" x 58". Fun trying to quilt in the ditch.

The pattern for the houses was from Humble Quilts and Diane Knott of Butterfly Threads.  The houses were easily  made from 2.5 inch  scraps.  Sashing is a diagonal red check from Moda Cookie  Exchange in the stash. . And, I added a 4 inch black with tiny flowers border from Joanne Kessler for Concord Fabrics.  This was given to me from the neighbor across the street who was cleaning out sewing storage boxes. I was nervous using an old piece of fabric, but  I washed, dried and pressed the fabric which is perfect.  I used a Bella Solid Gray jelly roll  for the binding. I'm keeping this one.  It's very soft and cuddly.

Here are  some houses:

7.  Golden State Warriors are still in the Championship Finals game!

Well peeps, that's my life this week.  Hope yours is well and you will join us at Lee Anna's post:Not Afraid of Color for more "likes".
Thanks so much for stopping by and I love your comments!

Stay cool.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Things I like Thursdays June 6


Oh my goodness-where did this week go?  I am scrambling to come up with a "likes" post  for this week!  I don't have Thomas this week- so I'm trying to get things done but between appointments, headaches and the heat, I'm exhausted.  I had also planned to sew but so far that has not happened.  But, I do have some likes to share with you.  Please join us for more  at Lee Anna's site: Not Afraid of Color.

1. Quilting tile in the hospital bathroom.  After my daughter and I visited my son at the hospital, we were leaving;  when my daughter needed to use the bathroom.  I waited for her at the sinks. Then I noticed the tile border all at eye level.  Quilting type blocks that were just so intricate and pretty. ( Sorry, I forgot to take a photo).  The best part of the experience was when my daughter came out to wash her hands, her mother was staring at the wall about 2 inches from the tile.  She was very concerned.  Hysterical.

2.My  Trees in the Mist painting. 

Probably 20 years ago, I spent some time painting in oils. I had always wanted to try painting but felt I couldn't. One day,  I just bought canvas, oils, brushes etc and started painting.   I really enjoyed it.  This is the only piece I saved when we moved.  It hangs in my bathroom. I didn't really have a space in my home where painting was safe for breathing, so I stopped and  I gave away my supplies.  But, I'm so happy I tried it.  And, kept this piece.

3. Burger King Apple Pie.

Look at those cute little apples! I love apple pie but I don't make pies anymore.  I keep trying the ones at the grocery store and they are not good even at $10 a pie.  The crust is heavy and under -cooked while the few apples are hard as rocks.  But,  McDonalds and Burger King have excellent pie slices. I wonder why.

4. Catching up on blogs for hours.  Many Saturday mornings, I love spending hours just catching up on blogs I enjoy.  It's such a pleasant way to start the day.  Most of them are quilters, but some are great cooks as well. I'm so busy during the week, I seldom take the time to read blogs.  If I missed your blog on your  post day, I apologize. Sometimes, I even post my email replies on Saturday also.
However, I was so sorry to hear of the passing of Jo Kramer's husband from lung cancer. She has been posting the daily process of that terrible disease on her blog.   I have been following her blog (Jo's Country Junction) for awhile now as her and her daughter are such talented quilters.

5.  Working with band aids. Isn't that silly?

My latest ailment started a few weeks ago. My fingertip skins are peeling off leaving a very thin layer susceptible to cuts. It appears to be a form of eczema, so I use special lotions to prevent the peeling.  Anyway, it's frustrating and painful.   I wear gloves for washing dishes and band aids most of the day. However, it has taken a lot of patience to wear band aids while sewing.  Handling needles or bobbins is quite the challenge for my fat fingers.  I'm dropping things frequently.  Practice makes perfect.

6.  My favorite President. President Obama receiving a standing ovation at the Toronto vs Golden State basketball game on Sunday.

I miss him, his wife and his administration. The crowd at TORONTO yelled "MVP". Just sayin.

Of course, I'm also happy my favorite basketball  team won and they are tied with Toronto in the series.

That's it for this week.  Have a good day!