Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Things I like Thursdays Oct 29


Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color encourages us each week to focus on our “likes”. So, here goes:


I am so happy.  I wish it would snow.  I know some of you are having snow and I’m envious. But, don’t worry cause it will be back in the 90’s on Sunday.  We’ll have 3 days of fall.

2.  Surgery is a go for Friday.  I had my pre admit tests Tuesday.  EKG, COVID, BLOOD drawn for 5 people etc.  FYI- the real Covid test is not painful or bad.

3.  Leaning owls painting.  

Every time I look at this I smile!  For some reason, my photos are blurry. Sorry.  I painted his last year but put  it up for fall.

4. This centerpiece from Facebook. 

They are wide mouth mason jar rings with ribbon or tape wrapped around them!  I was so impressed with this creativity and those prints!

5.  My current read

This book is different from her other books as it’s more of a mystery.  There is a sisterhood of lawyers going against a big law firm of The Chessmen in Washington D.C. I’m enjoying the storyline.

6.  Amazon.
I cannot believe how quick it was for me to have a new regulator for my oxygen tank delivered in a few hours! The one that I had stopped working and the oxygen home delivery company couldn’t get me a new one for 2 days.  This was for my portable tank so I couldn’t take oxygen outside the home.  Anyway, I ordered the new regulator at 10 AM and it was delivered at 5 PM.  Thank you Amazon. 

Ok peeps that’s it for this week.  Got lots to do before being gone for a few days.

Stay safe. 
Wear a Mask


Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Things I like Thursdays Oct 22


It’s Wednesday morning as I’m writing this and it’s 63 degrees!!! Nice.  I can’t believe it is snowing already in the northern states.  You lucky people; even though there’s still leaves on your trees.  Lol

I’m afraid, once again, my list Of likes is short because I just can’t think of any.

Here’s my list of my likes for this week:

1. Instant potato soup.  I used the recipe from Jacques Pepin on Facebook.

5 minutes.  Basically, sauté a little chopped onion in a little olive oil, add 2 c chicken broth, simmer 2 minutes, add a cup or so of instant mashed potatoes stir and sprinkle with finely chopped chives( I use dried in a jar) and some shredded cheddar, done and really good. 

2.  My current read

I’ve started this series of Christmas books to escape. I like this author anyway so this was a nice surprise.
Waiting for my surgery on the 30th, now (as they cancelled the first date ) is driving me crazy. I keep buying extra groceries etc because I won’t be able to do much for awhile.  Ugh.

3.  Candy Corn without yellow no 5 dye which I’m allergic to.
Unbelievable that I found this at Michael’s craft stores. It’s my favorite candy so I was thrilled.
BTW- yellow no 5 is banned in Europe-its poison.  Just sayin.

4.  Framed paintings.

I invested in matting and backing boards, some artist tape and Velcro hanging strips. I then hung some of my paintings in the hallway.  I just couldn’t handle leaving all my paintings in a folder in a cabinet!
It took some time (all afternoon) to frame them properly but this way, I can change them out if I like.

Well peeps, I hope you are cooling off, enjoying the fall.  Please join us at Lee Anna’s site, Not Afraid of Color , for more likes.
Wear a mask.
Take care.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I like Thursdays Oct 15


For those of you keeping track- we will be breaking our heat record today with 144 days with 100 degrees or more.  It’s so bad outside I’m going to look at a cheap treadmill today so I can walk. Also, today is the first day in a long time I can see the blue sky.  We have had polluted air for weeks. 

However, we will “tread” on because we are strong women. Yeah.

Here’s my list of “likes” for this week;

1. New bloggers joining our group.  We are all so talented ! Welcome to all. It’s wonderful to see how different we approach life and what makes us happy.

2.  The privilege of voting.


Yes, that’s my sticker  for voting by mail the day after we received our ballots.  I’m praying for our country.  

3.   Burts Bees products but especially this one:


I have been trying everything including prescriptions to clear up my dry, itching, peeling hands and fingers.  This finally worked if I use it several times a day.  Many years ago I used it but, for some reason, stopped.  My hands are much better..

4.  I hung the Christmas frames so I didn’t have to pack them away for only a month.  They are so pretty.

5. The Hallmark Christmas Movie  list is out

Yay!!!  You’re welcome.

Well peeps, that’s it for today.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are safe and happy. Please join us for more likes at LeeAnna’s site, Not Afraid of Color.  

Take care.


Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Things I like Thursdays Oct 8


This will be short as it’s one of those weeks when I just can’t think of many things that I liked.  

I do have a few though:

1.  One more day of 100 tomorrow.  I hope they are correct.  The mornings are nice in the 70’s for an hour or so.  

2.  Convenience of pasta.  Check this out:

60 seconds and just like regular pasta. $1.49 a pouch.  For me it was 2 servings.  No sauce so I just made cream of mushroom sauce.  Great in a pinch.  I told my daughter so she could take it to work.  I bought it at my Safeway.

2.  My new pajamas.  I wanted something nice and comfortable for when I have surgery later in the month. 

I splurged and purchased PajamaGram via Amazon.  High quality navy blue cotton knit and they fit!!! At least before washing.  I usually wear Xlarge but I knew they would be too long so getting the Xlarge petite was a good idea. It beats wearing an old soft tshirt and non matching  bottoms for pajamas. 

 I love the piping-even on the leg bottoms and recommend them even for costing $50!

  3.  “Escape to the Chateau” on Peacock.  Thanks to LeeAnna for sharing this with us.  I binge -watched 2 seasons and was so impressed with the husband’s engineering genius and the wife’s eclectic designing ideas.  They bought a run down, almost 200 years old Chateau in France and are repairing  it while raising 2 toddlers. 

4.  The birth of my great grandson Bentlee on the 6th. Mom and baby are doing well.

Please join us at Lee Anna’s site, Not Afraid of Color, for many more likes from our group. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Things I like Thursdays Oct 1


We are still at 100 degrees days here but less smoke.  But, the 2 new fires in CA will probably blow this way tomorrow.  So, I still haven’t gone for a walk.  We need to wear masks regardless of Covid.  I’m back on oxygen so I don’t want to add smoke to the mix. 

But, I do have some like this week:

1.  My current books: 

Lee Anna was correct- this was good. 
This was both bizarre and funny.

2.  Family photo for my brother’s birthday

One of the few times I’m not taking the picture. So there’s My Pumpkin Thomas, brother Frank, daughter and best friend Tina and me (violating the distance rules but both of us holding our breath till the photo was done and she jumped off the sofa). LOL

3.  My new “tea” for aching muscles and joints:

This does not have real tea leaves, it’s just ground herbs in a tea bag. Ginger fights inflammation and turmeric works on muscles and joints. They are both anti inflammatory and are  antioxidants.  Surprisingly, it tastes good. Ginger and turmeric can taste bitter but not here.

That’s about it as I have been very busy organizing papers, updating bookkeeping and writing up a living will and medical POA.  I have an abdominal aorta aneurism that needs to be SURGICALLY fixed! When it rains it pours. I have an appointment next week with the surgeon.

Hope y’all are doing well.
Take care

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I Like Thursdays Sep 24


We are having cooler weather (still over 100) so we are liking having cold water most days. It’s the little things.   I have been sick for a week and finally went to urgent care and was diagnosed with diverticulitis which is not fun.  So, I hope this gets posted in time.  I only have a few likes this week:

1.  This Grinch Christmas Tree.


I love this photo from Facebook.

2.  The Dresser Topper is done.

And my daughter loves it.

3.   Fall decorations are up

I wish I had more space to make little vignettes like these.

4. Photos from my daughters annual trip to Payson Az this week

Payson is a small town 2 hours north east of Phoenix where we like to go for cooler weather and clear skies.  I wasn’t able to go this time so she sent me the photos of our favorite park.

5.  My current read

This is another in the Winter series of the Quinn’s family life in Nantucket.  I’m appreciating this author.

This family is so relatable with all the dysfunction, caring, and crazy choices they make. Very entertaining.

I was sad to hear about the passing of Justice Ruth  Bader Ginsburg, the champion of justice and an inspiration to all.  Her legacy will live on for many years to come.  I like the way people are paying tribute to her. It’s called respect.

Thanks to CNN for this photo.

 I’ve been taking it easy with reading and tv.  I hope you are all taking care of yourselves as well.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  I love hearing from you. It’s fun to support each other.  Please join us at Lee Anna’s site, NOT AFRAID  OF COLOR, for more “likes”.

Stay safe and please wear a mask. Thank you.


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

I like Thursdays Sep 17


We are doing well and I’ve had a great week.  I spent the weekend mostly with my daughter and that I like.  Saturday we did our annual Christmas craft together and Sunday I went to her house to play with her and Thomas and lots of eating.

Here’s a list of my likes for this week:

1.  Christmas hanging decos that we made. We purchased the frames at the Dollar Store and added ornaments and ribbons.  

Ignore the nails and hooks.  I had to hang them somewhere out of the way so later they will be moved.  The red is Tina’s and the blues are mine to blend with our different Christmas decors.  They were very easy to make  but a little time consuming.  So, we were able to visit with no interruptions!  Priceless.

2.  Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco.  We are watching him on Prime.  I love everyday humor and he delivers.  I had seen him over the years but now we can watch his specials 

This is a link to a short video on You Tube. I hope  

3.  Current book

This Great  book is historical fiction about a young female packhorse librarian delivering to the poor hill people of Appalachia.  She is also one of the blue skinned people in that area.  She experienced prejudice and suspicion while providing hope and light from books.  I was not familiar with this part of our history so I enjoyed the many photos and facts after the novel.  I recommend this book.

4.  Almond milk for emergencies.  (Like when I don’t want to go to the store)

I got a case of these 8 oz milks months ago in case of a shortage on milk.  But, I like them for their size.  I also buy the large 32 oz size if I know I’m going to need it for puddings or baking.  But this little one came in handy. It has 12 g sugar but has vitamins and minerals that add to my protein powder drink.

5.  The Easy Garden Tool from Facebook. If I were gardening I would get this;

What a fun way to dig holes for plants.
Women with power tools-watch out.

Ok. That’s it for this week. Please join us at Lee Anna’s site,  Not Afraid of Color , for more likes.
Stay safe and wear your mask.