Thursday, March 30, 2017



Thanks to Lee Ann at NOT AFRAID OF COLOR, I have some more likes to share with you:

1. Easter decos around the house. These are such fun to put together and are just small vignettes:

This one is the kitchen table -hence my kalanchoe plant and an orange. The purple stock is from my small patio garden.

This one is on a small bookcase in the living room.These bunnies I got at Tuesday Morning many years ago.  They are so cute!

2.  Chocolate Bunnies.  This a small wall hanging I made for my daughter this week :

It's about 15 x 12. I started to use the pattern from Seamstobesew 2015 but had to change the bows so I could make them in larger pieces.  Having tendinitis in both thumbs makes it difficult to work with small pieces.  It took 3 hours just to make the bunnies! But, my daughter(46) actually squealed when she saw it.  I made triangle hanging sleeves on the back and added a 12 inch dowel so she can hang it easily. :
I find this type of sleeve easier to make for small quilts;

3.  Watching basketball  on Sunday afternoons with my special needs grandson. So. much. fun. He gets all excited and tries to imitate the "moves" on the court. Slam dunks, three pointers, etc. All while siting on the floor! And, he repeats announcer comments verbatim  He is constant entertainment.

4. The "Mission" company for making flour gluten free tortillas.  Unbelievably like the real thing!  Many companies make corn tortillas but I prefer the flour for making cheese crisps or enchiladas.   They are expensive but such a treat. Years ago I tried making my own, but that didn't work.

5. The irreverent movie "The Heat" with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock.  We ran across it on the tv again recently and after watching the frustrating news reports of the day, this was a laugh-out-loud treat.

Hope you all are having a nice Spring week and don't forget to hook up with Lee An for more fun.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing my craziness.


  1. What fun things!! I love the basketball one, my sons love to watch too, and they just make me giggle! Have you tried the Rudi's gf tortillas?

    1. Yes, awhile back but they were a little hard. The Mission ones are softer. It's so hard to find GF products but it's getting easier all the time.

  2. Pretty! I like those vignettes you created. What's not to love with the bunnies!!! Little vignettes around the house are like art installations. The chocolate bunny quilt, I'd squeal too. So cute. Sharing anything with your grandchild, priceless!
    I set my post to drop in today as we were traveling and in the rush last week, forgot to add the links. They are in place now! Sorry for the delay but you're listed as a Regular Like Person! LeeAnna

  3. Your Easter decorations are so fun! Made me wonder where I've put all mine! I'll have to go looking today. I loved Melissa McCarthy in the Gilmore Girls, but have never seen any of her movies. I'll have to keep an eye out for that one!

  4. You're getting me in the Easter spirit! Having tried gluten free for a while I can appreciate a good gluten free item too. I'm back to eating wheat now but I still bake with gluten free oat flour sometimes. It makes good muffins!

    1. wow- I'm happy you can eat gluten products. I'm intolerant but do cheat sometimes. I have to be careful. I used to bake a lot but only once in a while now.