Thursday, March 9, 2017


Greetings !

I always think of Mork when I type Greetings.

Anyway, here are the likes for this week to share with Lee Ann  at Not Afraid of Color

1. My Janome 6600 sewing machine.  When I purchased this new machine, extended table, travel contraption, accessories, I felt like I arrived in the quilting world!  Based on the expense alone, I should have.  Just kidding.  It has been worth every dollar.

I especially like the cutter button and threading feature.  I use a lesser machine, Singer Confidential , when I travel for classes etc and really have to adjust to a machine without these features. I have to use the other machine because the Janome is too heavy for my back to lift from house to car to destination and back.   I have had my Janome a few years but haven't really spent the time to use some of the fancier stitches.  Someday.

2. My Singer Touch and Sew model 646 machine.  It is in the original cabinet and is about 50 years old and in good condition.  The bobbin winds under the plate! very cool. I acquired it from a co-worker who wanted to get rid of it! I did give her some money for it. I only use it for piecing scrap strip  blocks. This machine is a workhorse. I can take it out of the cabinet any time, sit down and sew-quiet and dependable. I've had it a few years and haven't gotten it serviced-need too I guess. Disconnecting it from the cabinet should be fun. Some of you may remember it from Home Ec in the 60's.

3.  My local quilt shop, Quilted Country Bear in Glendale, Az.  It's small, personal and fun. The ladies are so helpful AND TALENTED. I attend a monthly WIP day and it feels like a mini retreat every time.

These are just a few of the "likeables" for me.  Hope  you all enjoy your day and link up with LeeAnn for more.



  1. I grew up in a Singer Family. When I splurged on a Bernina I thought how could a sewing machine cost $1500 ?? It was half price as they were closing out the 1600 line. Well it was the best investment I ever made. It has had three motherboards at this point and I'll keep it happy long as I can. The new one I like is about $5000 and I only paid 54,000 for my first home!
    I remembered Home Ec today too... I learned so much in that class. LeeAnna

  2. I have a very low end Janome that I love, but also an older Singer that my hubby gave me for Christmas when we were first married. I keep thinking I should get it back out and see what it's like to sew with! I love visiting quilt shops when we're traveling, so will keep the one you mentioned in mind! Happy Thursday, Mary!

  3. Love your I Spy quilts, Mary. Lovely machines. How lucky to have a shop nearby with your get together stitching and learning too.