Tuesday, April 4, 2017



Hope you are all enjoying this week. We are having wonderful weather here in the 70-80's.  Some of you who are enjoying the final four NCAA basketball championship games might be interested to know that took place 2 miles from my home. I noticed the tv stations were showing our beautiful weather. The bad part of this is the wind is blowing pollen EVERYWHERE! I'm sneezing my head off.

Each month I go to my favorite quilt shop for a full day of WIP (and snacking, and visiting, and fabric purchases...) It's like a mini retreat for me. I look forward to each month. I've been getting away like this for over a year.  Finally, this last week I made a Quilt Carrier from some scraps I had:

It's just a simple tote about 18 x 15 but I made a 6 inch boxed bottom so I can carry either 1 large quilt to show off or 2 small ones.  I've been just carrying them in grocery bags!  This is so much nicer and easier. I made it in 2 afternoons which was so fun.  I had a lot of yellow ribbon so I just sewed it to the exterior panel with my Janome ! Didn't even know I could do that.

My WIP projects are all in those square plastic craft holders. Some people use those craft holders for paper scrapping.

On to my next project......

Have a great day!

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