Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Things I like Thursdays Oct 29


Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color encourages us each week to focus on our “likes”. So, here goes:


I am so happy.  I wish it would snow.  I know some of you are having snow and I’m envious. But, don’t worry cause it will be back in the 90’s on Sunday.  We’ll have 3 days of fall.

2.  Surgery is a go for Friday.  I had my pre admit tests Tuesday.  EKG, COVID, BLOOD drawn for 5 people etc.  FYI- the real Covid test is not painful or bad.

3.  Leaning owls painting.  

Every time I look at this I smile!  For some reason, my photos are blurry. Sorry.  I painted his last year but put  it up for fall.

4. This centerpiece from Facebook. 

They are wide mouth mason jar rings with ribbon or tape wrapped around them!  I was so impressed with this creativity and those prints!

5.  My current read

This book is different from her other books as it’s more of a mystery.  There is a sisterhood of lawyers going against a big law firm of The Chessmen in Washington D.C. I’m enjoying the storyline.

6.  Amazon.
I cannot believe how quick it was for me to have a new regulator for my oxygen tank delivered in a few hours! The one that I had stopped working and the oxygen home delivery company couldn’t get me a new one for 2 days.  This was for my portable tank so I couldn’t take oxygen outside the home.  Anyway, I ordered the new regulator at 10 AM and it was delivered at 5 PM.  Thank you Amazon. 

Ok peeps that’s it for this week.  Got lots to do before being gone for a few days.

Stay safe. 
Wear a Mask



  1. Hi Mary! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! Cooler weather. Enjoy the heck out of those three days. You'll be in surgery tomorrow so who cares what the weather is. I'm sending prayers and good thoughts your way. And yippee for Amazon - that quick delivery just rocks. Woot woot! Or I could say hoot hoot because your owl painting rocks, too. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Hoping and saying prayers for your surgery! Love that mason jar pumpkin! Adore your painting! Get well wishes for you!

  3. Best of luck with the surgery! That is pretty good delivery time for Amazon. They are close to you and that helps,
    Your funny owls made me smile! Thanks for the book recommendation. Iv3 read some Fern Michael’s, too!

  4. leaning owls! I like your exhibit wall so much! And I read the sisterhood books... they can get hairy with those ladies getting back at villains! Here's to success with the surgery... our thoughts will be with you...

  5. Good luck with the surgery! I hope it goes smoothly! The mason jar pumpkin is super cute- I wonder if you could make it just with paper rings- like paper chains but not linked together. Maybe a task for this weekend!

  6. Hi Mary, I'll be thinking about you on Friday and the best of luck now with it all. So much creativity around the net. Whatever did we do without it as it is a constant amusement. Love your owls too.

  7. Hi,
    Best wishes for your surgery. Love the cute and your owls are beautiful. Have a great day!

  8. I was talking to my mom about 3:30 yor time yesterday, and she told me it was in the 60s - and my first thought was, that can't be right! But it was, and I bet everyone in the metro area was enjoying it. Your owls are adorable! Sending you best wishes for the surgery, Mary.

  9. Good luck with the surgery. Yeah, the covid test isn't bad... but it's not exactly comfortable either! My nose itched afterwards (and even now as I think about it! LOL). Those owls are adorable, and that centerpiece is pretty cool!

  10. I'll keep you in my prayers and hope everything goes well. I looked at the PJs you showed last week and almost ordered some! lol I have them in my wishlist. Take care of yourself...oh and I love those little owls too!

  11. That is a great delivery time. Love those leaning owls! Good luck with your surgery. Sending positive thoughts for a speedy recovery.

  12. Sorry I didn't get to send well wishes pre-op, but I hope everything went smoothly today and that you will be safe at home recovering very soon. Your leaning owls are really cut. Hope you have some cooler weather soon. We're only in the 30's today with a killing frost due tonight.

  13. Hope surgery went well. And you enjoyed our pretty jammies. Cute pumpkin with the jar rings. That would be a great use of the old ones that are rusty. Love your owls Have a fab week.

  14. Good luck on your surgery--hope you're healing up well now!

  15. Just thinking of you Mary! I hope surgery went okay! {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  16. Just checking in...hope you are okay. Letting you know someone a country away is thinking about you. :)

  17. Of all the things you shared, the owls are the cutest. Stay safe, Mary. Hugs to you.

  18. Hi Mary! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. I hope you are well and have received the vaccine. {{Hugs}} a bunch. I miss you! ~smile~ Roseanne