Thursday, March 23, 2017



Thanks to Lee Ann at Not Afraid of Color, we are expressing our likes today which is so fun.

Here is my list for today:

1. Pulling out Easter decorations for my home. The house will be much more cheery. Here is a basket of Fabric Easter eggs I made in 2015.  I got the pattern at

They are so cute and easy to make. My grandson and I play catch (or pummel) with these where no harm is done to lamp shades in the living room.

2. Any music from the 80's. I love music in most forms but especially that era. I literally cannot sit still if Michael Jackson's Pretty Young Thing is on the radio. Even in the car.-yep-that's me.

3. My new "Mod Dre" quilt which hangs over the sofa. It is 51 x 46.  I designed, sewed and quilted this cutie from Kaffe Fasset Spring 2016 layer cake. These are  half Dresdens. I used Bella Solid Robin's Egg blue for the background. The circles and border are made from Kona Cotton Purple Colorstory.

It's so cheery to see this hanging in the living room each morning!

I hope you are all having a good week and will hook up with Lee Ann for more fun.

P.S. After all my worries of early summer degrees in the 90's-we are having rain and 54 degrees this morning.  YES.


  1. oooooo the quilt looks happy! What a bright spot in the living room!!! those easter eggs are such a fun idea. A bowl of them on the table would be so adorable. I have to make a few. LeeAnna

  2. Your post shares cheery colors in many forms!

  3. I always say I missed the 80s because I was having and raising babies, so all I listened to was kids' music! I do know Michael Jackson's music, though! Your quilt is great! I've never tried a Dresden plate pattern, and the half ones have such a neat look to them. I like the background fabric, too.

  4. Such joyful and lovely colors! Your creations are wonderful!