Thursday, March 16, 2017



Here are things I'm liking today.  Please hook up with Lee Ann for lots more likes at:

1. Batiks.  Besides being beautiful, I love the way they feel and keep their crispness. The Batik pieces  are easier  to sew together.  Here are 2 purses I have made from Batiks:

The above bag is mine that I have been using since October.  Love love love these strips of jelly roll from Tonga Treats of Timeless Treasures. This bag is roomy but light weight.

The above bag was made from Tonga Treats also, just a different color combo made from charms into patchwork design. I made this bag for a friend. I hope she likes it.  It will be hard to give this one up.

2.  Air cleaning machines. I have allergy issues like most people here in the valley but also have COPD so I am more conscious of air pollutants. It appears that I have "batting" issues.  Most battings seem to "fly in the air" while I'm machine quilting. I sew in my bedroom so the stuff is everywhere.  I have tried different batting types but they all seem to shed so I purchased an air cleaning machine. Of course, there are hundreds of air machines  to choose from, but I chose this one based on cost and features:

It works as long as I remember to use it!  My furniture and tile floor seem less dusty since I've been using it; the machine is  doing it's job.  I just need to do mine.  By the way, I really don't like to dust furniture!!

3.  Chasing Squirrels.  I just heard of this term and feel so much better.  Evidently other sewists get easily distracted while completing their projects and stop to try something brand new they just saw at a fabric store or online.  Case in point, I have been slowly completing two WIPS this last 2 weeks but had to go to a sale at my LQS yesterday.  I found the cutest "scrap bag" from Me and my Sister (Rainy Day line) for $5.00.  I purchased a few other pieces to stash away for Christmas. However, when I got back home, I started cutting the scraps in the scrap bag into a baby quilt where I can attach white background pieces. Why?  I do not know of anyone who needs a baby quilt today or in the near future. I have a list of projects that need to be started or completed!  I'm not going to think about household chores needing my attention.

I had a wonderful afternoon cutting those pieces.  Just sayin.

That's all for now.  Hope you enjoy this post and will hook up with Lee Ann.


  1. Do you prewash your batting? I do. I take it right from the bag, do a short gentle wash and spin, put it in the dryer and it comes out lovely to work with. Really easy and important for me with chemical sensitivities. Better prewash those batiks too, they have so many chemicals that go in the air when pressed. I love my air machines! Yours looks nice and compact. LeeAnna

  2. Batiks are fun and yours work brilliantly for bags!

  3. I'm liking batiks more and more. Your bags are beautiful! I like to sew with low volume background fabric, and I've been finding some beautiful tone on tone cream batiks that work really well for that! And I definitely have squirrel moments as a quilter! You just never know what fun things are out there around the next corner, he he!