Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Things I like Thursdays April 4

Happy Spring!


We are all good here and enjoying our short springtime.  Of course, the pollen count is very high so I only go outside a little.  I spent 2 days dealing with wifi issues and now that is fixed. I learned some technical things and was glad I was able to fix it without paying a tech. I passed my medical physical with all the various tests, labs, xrays so I'm very grateful.  What a change from last year at this time.  Of course, I take meds to keep these old age ailments at bay but that's a given. I still have one more test later this month and the brother is having an MRI next week as well. Just a glimpse into real life.  I hope to sew this week and even attend a day long WIP day at a new location on Friday.  I need some down time.

Here is my list of "likes" for this week:

1. Confetti pink polka dot plant. 

Isn't this sweet?  It's about 4 inches, cost $3 at Sprouts and I couldn't resist. Since it lives indoor or out, I put it in the living room window. It can be in shade if necessary.  I've had the pot for years-it's a Talavera made locally- purchased when I was still working and had a higher income. LOL  I think the white dots on the pot coordinate well with the plant.

 The plate is from Cost Plus many years ago that I would use for a cheese plate when entertaining. Do you ever go to an expensive store and feel good when you can afford to purchase just one thing?  That was me that day but I think I paid $10 for it and have loved it for years.

2.  Correctly cut  jelly roll strips

This is not one.  That is not a fold that you see, it's a jump in the fabric!  I cut it in half- either side of the error and went on my way pressing the strips. Glad I caught it before sewing.

3.  Easter Vignettes.  Warning: very cute photos ahead

Rather than set up one table or shelf , I leave them around the dining and living room areas. They are just too cute.  Thomas' favorite is the last photo.  I purchased them all- many years ago -all at one time at Tuesday Morning. Score.

4. Good thoughts to start the day.  I'm not keen on interior design  "words" that cover the walls, or cute sayings on the wall, in general.  But, one day I found this inexpensive, old wall hanging and loved it.  It hangs in my bathroom to remind me as I start the day:

I think the patchwork background caught my eye first.

And now- I'm gonna clean the garage before it gets too hot. UGH.  The dirt is tracking into the house, so time to sweep.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little glimpse of my life and likes.  Please join us at Lee Anna's  post for more "likes" at:NOT AFRAID OF COLOR

Have a great day!


  1. Happy spring to you! I love your rabbits and that plant is really doing well! Have a great day!

  2. the kissing bunnies!!! so cute! I love cute. I had one of those pink polka dot plants, sadly I was able to kill it. I think they like water... or more sun than I had but I like it and the pot and dish!

  3. The bunnies are all so cute. I love the pink polka dot plant. I looks perfect in the pot and on the plate. I love colorful dishes. I sew my jelly rolls and borders and bindings straight edge these days. I used to sew them on the bias. I think across the grain and straight edge is easier and neater and does not waste fabric. I have not noticed any difference in the finished project. I like words ... in books, blogs, signs, fabric, walls ... just about anywhere. That is a very nice sentiment to start your day. The patchwork setting is eye catching. Thank you for sharing on I Like Thursday ... :) Pat

  4. Happy Spring! Cute polka dot plant. I think they sell those as ground cover for flower beds around here sometimes. I know what you mean about the pot and dish. I really like the pot. Such cute bunnies, all ready for Easter. Hope your allergies aren't bothering you too much & you have a terrific Thursday!

  5. Happy Spring Mary! Love the plant and the planter. The bunnies bring back sweet memories of my kiddos Easter bunny collections. When they moved to their own homes, the bunnies went with them.

  6. Love your bunnies, especially the last set. Almost all my Easter decorations are bunnies, even though the real live ones outside eat too many of my plants. We're still waiting for it to warm up here.

  7. Love the plant and the Bunnies are very Spring season!

  8. You have such fun likes today, Mary! Your new plant is really neat and perfect for that pot. The bunnies are adorable! I have bunnies somewhere - I need to go find them. That's too bad about the miscut jelly roll strip. I'm going to guess it got folded over and went through their machine that way. Hope you can still use it, just in smaller pieces!

  9. Good luck with the garage! I love the little polka dot plant! Cute bunnies.

  10. Hi Mary, hope the garage is all cleaned by now!
    Very cute pink polka dot plant...but your planter and dish are gorgeous too.
    Glad your health is stable and you got your check up behind you. I begin mine soon. I don't have any Easter things but I love to look at them...yours are adorable.

  11. Great likes. I love the pink polka dotted plant. I wonder if I could keep one alive? I have a little framed piece that was in my great grandmothers that I have toted all around the county, so a few are nice. Great easter treasures.

  12. Thank you for the warning. I proceeded with extreme caution but in the end succumbed to the adorableness and broke into an AWW.....