Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Things I like Thursday Feb 1

Say what? Where did January go? I'm trying not to be concerned about a hot Spring, but we are in the 80's all week here. We are definitely done with a so- called Winter. The good thing is my plants are thriving and I just had to go the the nursery to see what they had.

Here's my list of likes for this week:
1. My new Delfina plant.

At first, I thought they were mini carnations, but no. I love this shade of pink!  I also got a striped petunia but forgot to take a photo.

2. My finished "V" quilt for Valentines Day. I made one side just red and white so I can leave it up for awhile and the back is a valentine print for that day.

I really like it in the dining room. Very cheery.

3. This valentine table topper for my son's house.
I just took a few scrap strips and sewed them to a piece of batting. Then I drew a heart on the back, cut the whole thing out and attached leftover valentine fabric to the back.

It was about 12" x 11" ish. I like it.

4. The movie "Intern" which we watched in lieu of the "State of the Union" speech.

This was such a sweet movie. Love the actors anyway-Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway. A much better way to pass the evening than listening to a bunch of hooey.

So, with that, I'd better get outside while it's so beautiful.  Please join us at Lee Anna's post at Not Afraid of Color for our party of "likes" .

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day


  1. We didn't watch the state of the union either, opted for comedy shows we could get on demand. Your quilt really turned out well, how big is it? It looks really big on the wall! I am sure your son is going to love his tabletopper! Have a great day and a wonderful week!

  2. Hi Mary,
    A bunch of hooey - HA. I watched old Big Bang shows and read. Your delfina plant is gorgeous! What a fabulous flower to enjoy this time of year. I really love all the fabrics in your V quilt, and that heart is pretty darn cool too. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Love the quilt and the Delifina plant. Laughed at your movie over SOTN speech.

  4. Great quilt. Your Delfinia plant is gorgeous.

  5. Love your Valentine quilts. I need to do one to hang on the front door. Maybe for next year? SOTU? What's that? :-)

  6. Intern is a lovely movie. I have seen it. Love your red and white quilt. So simple and so pretty. 80 degrees sounds so tantalizing now. I can just picture myself in a sleevelss dress, sitting with you drinking chilled lemonade and discussing our next projects :-)

  7. We also opted out of the SOTU, in favor of a Netflix series we are currently binging on! I will have to look for The Intern to watch. I love your Valentine quilt, and like how it's hanging, too! Looks like that makes it easy to change out and put up a new quilt every now and then.

  8. The Valentine's quilt looks lovely. My mom makes themed quilts to hang at different times of the year.

  9. Oh I'm in love with that fabric valentine you made. Now I want to make one! I haven't seen The Intern but looks like a great choice. Great colour on that lovely plant.

  10. I loved that movie. A touching connection between people. And it reminded viewers to respect age and wisdom! Good choice. I leave my V-day quilt up all year! One of them at least. Flower is gorgeous.