Monday, January 15, 2018

Light at the end of the patio


I am finally starting to feel better! This may have something to do with it:
Don't these make you feel good? Through all the "cold" weather, pollution, etc- petunias made it and are thriving. Guess I did too. (hee hee).  

They are just the most beautiful purple. In my last home I was known as "the petunia lady" because my petunias did so well on my patio. These just make me so happy. Maybe I'll run out and get some more. All of my plants are in pots. The home I live in now has such weird areas of sunshine so I have to move the plants around a lot which is hard on the back but worth it.

I finally went to my lung doctor about my cough that refuses to go away. I did have bronchitis in a mild annoying form so she gave me an antibiotic which worked immediately and I'm just about done.  I also splurged and paid $55 to see my chiropractor (doesn't take medicare) twice last week and I'm back to "normal" with my back. The fog of misery is finally lifted.

So, back to cleaning, cooking, shopping, sewing, gardening as my life is.  I'm so grateful for this life.

My heart goes out to the people in Hawaii!  I received the notice on my phone here in Peoria, Az that the initial post of a missile on it's way there was in error . I was walking into the house and immediately turned on the TV.  I couldn't believe what happened and how gut wrenching that must have felt for a long time afterward. These are our days, now. Awful.
Especially for those people who live there and can't leave!
 I was there in the 90's and really felt like I was in paradise. What a clean, lovely place with very special people I met along the way. It  even inspired me to go para sailing which was so cool!  I sailed while my marine son sat in the boat and watched (hee hee). Just sayin.

Hopefully, we will all have a peaceful week!

Best wishes to all!

Thanks for visiting.

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