Tuesday, February 6, 2018



I finally got a sewing weekend.  On Friday I attended a WIP day at my local quilt shop, the Quilted Country Bear in Glendale- 6 hours of sewing!.  It's pretty much the only shop I go to so we can keep things "local". Plus, I get to socialize with my friends there. 

While there, I started a new donation quilt based on Jenny Doan's tutorial for the 4 x 4 Quilt. I receive emails from MSQC on Fridays with her newest tutorial and can't wait to try them out.  Even tho the pattern called for a jelly roll, I cut up some 30's stash fabrics into 2.5" strips and made the 2 blocks for the pattern.

I wanted a soft, light hued quilt and these fabrics were perfect. The 30's prints are from Bespoke Blooms Audrey Hepburn.  The background (4 1/2" squares) are from Moda's Snowman Gathering I had left over from Christmas. The photo is a little misleading as it appears here- the prints are lighter in person.
The pattern is easy considering how much talking I was doing while sewing(hee hee).

I also had time on Saturday to start 8 more blocks for the Notting Hill cake blocks.

These are such fun and love this fabric.  4 "recipe' papers made the cut outs for the 8 blocks. Now I just need to make the blocks from all these cut outs. Maybe today.

I did add 2 light blue RSC blocks to the design wall also:

Since the colors in February for the RSC are purple and lavender, I couldn't wait to make those blocks. BUT, I couldn't believe I did not have one scrap in those colors!  Evidently I don't use those colors in my quilts?  Never fear, I cut up some stash!  
I still can't believe I haven't used these colors lately. Oh well, I got busy cutting the 2.5 x 4.5 strips 
for 2 purple blocks and 2 lavender blocks. And put them together in 2 hours. 
When I was at the quilting shop on Friday, my owner- friend offered to cut a charm pack of solids into mini charms for me since she didn't have a solid mini charm pack.  SCORE!  Ever since I cut my finger last year I haven't enjoyed cutting, so this was such a generous gift from her to cut them for me.  I now have 160 mini charm solids for these RSC blocks. Each block uses 4.

I hurt my right arm yesterday  trying to lift a paper shredder head, so I won't be able to clean (vacuum or mopping) for a few days. so sad. But it doesn't hurt to sew so this should be a good week. I just hope my tendon isn't torn or something. Never a dull moment.

Hope everyone finds time to sew!

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  1. I like your excuse for not cleaning...may I borrow it?
    Sincerely, I hope you feel better soon.