Saturday, January 6, 2018



It's January 6 and I haven't sewn for fun yet! I'm actually feeling withdrawal this morning after not quilt sewing for 6 weeks.  I have some morning errands and chores but hopefully will get to sew this afternoon. I know I've said that a few days ago.   The weather has cleared up (no pollution ) so I hope to also go for a walk today.

These just seem like weird days.  Health issues, organizing for end of year, watching Thomas due to school break ( the best times), a new great grand baby coming in 2 days, all the political/government
nightmare that gets worse every day, and climate issues.

I definitely need sewing therapy!

Here's what's on the design wall:

I still have my Cake Mix Recipe blocks I started months ago. They are so fun for "mindless" sewing which produces adorable blocks! (don't know what happened with the ghost in the corner. weird)

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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