Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Things I like Thursday Jan 11


We made it through the first week in January and now the new year restarts everything.  Wish I could say things have improved here, but we are working on it. Have 3 doctor visits scheduled ( chiropractor for my back which is a mess from coughing, lung doctor for coughing with COPD  and PC doctor for the rest). Gheeze, getting old with body parts failing is the pits. Oh, and dr appt for my brother's follow- up is scheduled as well. SIL has the part ordered for the clothes washer -guess things are looking better after all.

Regardless, I have some fun "likes" this week:

1.My new daily/weekly/monthly planner.
It's about 4" x 7" , white and gold. I'm using it for future appointments but on the daily pages, I'm recording events that stand out each day. I have never done this before so we'll see if this helps keep track of our lives.

The top photo is the small daily pages for keeping track of either health issues, gardening chores, famous cooking results, etc.  Whereas, the bottom photo is just to list upcoming events and appointments, birthdays. I'm enjoying it as I keep it next to my tv chair at night and here at my desk in the bedroom during the day.

2. The photo I saw on Facebook of President Obama riding a stallion on the beach representing a real "stable genius". I can't copy the photo for you because it does not belong to me but I thought the photo and caption were priceless.

3. Amaryllis bulbs I received for Christmas.
I haven't grown them before but have always wanted to. They look delicate. Maybe I can get them planted today.

4.  My new Long Sweater for around the house.

I went to Walmart a few weeks ago to purchase sweats for around the house when we had a "cold" spell. But, this sweater caught my eye. It was only $16, fell to the knee, and is very light weight.  My tv chair sits next to a window, and sometimes I need just a light cover over my regular clothes.
I have been living in it.
Besides, it's much prettier than sweats.

5.  I'VE BEEN SEWING!!! I finally found time to finish a top, sandwich it and now I'm trying to hand quilt for the first time.  I call this my "Haywire" quilt.  All the center blocks were leftovers from a quilt I made years ago.  I just sewed them together, willy, nilly to clean up just one of my UFO's.  I added a blue/yellow Joanna Figueroa scrap for the borders and backing. Done in one day. Yup. I even had to scrap together some batting! Now we'll see if I can "handle" hand quilting.

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Have a great day!


  1. oooooooooooh I love that haywire quilt! It's wonderful! I love that photo of Barack too :D Have a wonderful day! Cheers!

  2. Hi Mary,
    Happy Thursday! I used to use that exact same brand of planners for years and years. I love planners. I don't use one any longer but I suspect I'll got back to it just because. I have seen the 'stable genius' and love it as well. And yippee to sewing and Haywire quilt - looks great and I am confident you will get to quilting it in no time. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I like that quilt. The sweater looks perfect for kicking around.

  4. Some weeks it is only Hubby's apt.s that get us out of the house, Mary so that is a plus. LOL I keep several journals on the go and used to live by a planner in my career. Good luck with keeping it up and also with growing that gorgeous flower.
    I wrote about my Walmart mittens but didn't see that sweater...would have bought it too.
    Happy Stitching

  5. I love Amaryllis! They are so pretty and grow very well inside. I get one almost every year, although I didn't this year. You'll have to share a picture once it blooms! And so awesome that you've been sewing! Your quilt top is such fun. I hope things get better!

  6. that sweater is gorgeous. I can feel the cozy softness from here. I'd wear it every day. Maybe worth a foray into Walmart, but I don't know.... yes, our bodies, designed obsolescence. Like parts falling off a car. Hooray for sewing, love amaryllis! That should bring some color and drama into the house

  7. That looks like a wonderful sweater, perfect for a cover-up when you need it around the house. I love your quilt idea, made from leftovers, too! Have fun handquilting it! Hope you start to feel better day by day.

  8. Great job finishing a quilt top, and hand quilting will be fun. Love the sweater. You will love growing the amaryllis.