Thursday, August 17, 2017

Things I like Aug 17

I originally wrote this post with some serious thoughts that have me upset these past few days but I have removed them to a separate post if you are inclined to read them. Today, we will escape to lovelies.

Here are just a few of my likes this week:

1. Beginning to clean out closets.  If I start to clean out  now, then Fall (and cooler weather) must be around the corner. I packed away my old "work" fancy clothes since I retired a year ago.  I don't know why I'm saving them except for the cost incurred! I have no plans to return to work, unless there's a disaster.
I absolutely love not working outside the home and wearing casual clothing.

This is just the beginning of cleaning out stuff for donation. It feels so good.

2. A New cooler.  My freezer part of the fridge is old and not mine since I'm renting my home.  I keep a freezer thermometer in there for that reason.  It started fluctuating, so I brought a new Igloo rolling cooler from Target for $23 in case it was going out.... love that it's on rollers!

Isn't it cute? Anyway, as my life usually goes, the freezer has not acted up at all since I bought the cooler two weeks ago. I kid you not. Maybe now I can go on a picnic. And yes, I'm SO glad the freezer is doing well.

3. Safeway's Fall Display in the florist section. Isn't this adorable?
I usually don't like early holiday displays (it's still August after all), but this met me at the entrance of the Safeway - of all places. . I fell in love with the little doors with the ghosts. These pumpkins are made of metal as most of the parts are as well. The detail is so good.  I was happy just looking at them. I may go back and purchase one.

4. My new Gypsy Quilter Gripper.  Since my injury (see previous gross post) I purchased a second Gripper. I cannot find my first one purchased 5 years ago and only used once.  Originally, I did not like the feel of using one.  But this time, I've determined my tendinitis in my thumbs doesn't hurt so much so there's a dual reason to use this.
So, now I can start/continue making my Christmas projects. Thank you Gypsy Quilter. (and my local quilt shop for carrying one).

5. Christmas Cookie Place Mats. The fabric is from a Moda Frivols #10 tin with Christmas Cookie Exchange fabric.

They are 15 x 11.  I made 2 with a simple patchwork, one as a QAYG, and one with the Wedge ruler (which was difficult by the way). For some reason, when I make the wedge patterns they stretch out of shape a little.  I love these colors though  as a change from the traditional red/green. I just realized there is brown in the above photo. There is not any brown! That should be red. Should have caught that before posting. It's actually the same red as the piece next to it! How did that happen? Oh well.
The backing on all of them is the gray/white circles from Hoffman. It has a slight sheen to it. I like making these place mats because they are so soft (with a thin batting inside). They just get thrown in the washer and come out beautiful. Not sure if these will be a gift or sold at a craft sale.

I am so grateful to have the time and inventory to create, sew and quilt for therapy. It makes me happy.

Please join all of us at Lee Anna's Not Afraid of Color for our "likes" this week.
I pray we will all have a peaceful week. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You were smart to buy a cooler! Over the decades we've lost 2 deep freezes full of meat and fruit when our freezers died- My mom now has an alarm on her phone that goes off every day to remind her to check the freezers!

  2. It always helps to be prepared - in doing so you guarantee it won't happen. :-) Huzzah for cleaning out closets. And it's not just the shops getting in early - our local crops are producing pumpkins and butternut squash already!

  3. yep, when you're done with the clothes, they don't owe you anything! You're a new You now. Love the display, squee! Love Halloween! And the cooler on wheels is awesome. Dragging a full cooler is much better than toting it.

    1. Wow. Didn't think of my old clothes that way. How liberating. Thx. mary in Az

  4. I love those cookie placemats, and ya weird how colour changes on the photos to laptops, grrr. It took me 5 years to give away a TON of good dressy clothes after I quit teaching (too young to retire when my husband did but no way was I working if he wasn't lol). Great Fall display but I'm NOT ready or anxious for that!

  5. Love the placemats and yes I don't like holiday displays too early but that one is just so cute! :)

  6. My son also lives in Phoenix. You are in my thoughts today as I pray for peace and sanity.
    Fall will be blessed relief from the heat and I do love the colors.