Saturday, August 12, 2017


Isn't that weird looking for a headline?  Oh well. Just wanted to share how weird my day was yesterday and is today.  For the first time in 5 years of quilting, I was cutting fabric for a new project when the ruler slipped and I cut my forefinger with the rotary blade:

At least I didn't share a photo of the finger after 4 stitches. REALLY GROSS. When I had the accident, I had to wrap the cut, change clothes and drive to Urgent Care alone which was okay but took forever cause I was keeping my hand higher than my heart to keep the blood flow down.  gheeze.  We take for granted having 2 hands!!! Receiving a shot before the stitches was the worst part but now all is good and today I will take it easy, sew a little (I hope) while binge watching "Homeland" (an excellent series I never got to watch when it was on tv). Showering should be fun since I can't get it wet till stitches are removed next week. Luckily, it's a free weekend (no responsibilities) and a clear week all next week. I'll only drive if absolutely necessary.  I'm also pleased it's not painful! But, typing is difficult with one hand. Oh well, it's all good.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh No!!! that is my worst nightmare! Heal quick!

    1. Thanks! I was sewing the next day---couldn't clean or cook with one hand but I could sew. How sad.

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  3. Oh, man, that stinks. Hope it heals quickly!

  4. I've done that. Using the narrow 3 inch ruler, slice! It didn't register immediately. Then the blood. Sliced a piece right off my index finger. No way to stitch or replace the piece. It bled for four days in compression bandage. Then granulated back in. Slight scar today, years later. Like a lizard's tail, it made a new finger side.
    Be careful out there!