Thursday, August 24, 2017

Things I Like Aug 24


Well, we made it thru another week without cutting my finger off, or a nuclear holocaust so I'm happy. Gheeze Louise.

 I'm writing this on Tuesday so I can get a head start on the photos before Thursday morning, so we do have the Trump rally in Phoenix  tonite hanging over our heads. It's about 10 miles from my home. I pray all goes safely for everyone. I wish it was not taking place.

My life is pretty nice right now and I am very grateful.

So, here's my list of likes for this week:

1. The Ability to meet International Bloggers.  I know we take a lot for granted with the Internet, but I am in awe that I can click a button and read blogs from other countries! Some of my personal favorites are Sandra at Musings of a Menopausal Melon in Ontario Canada, Jocelyn at Canadian Needle Nana and Jenny at Elefantz in Australia.  They are all different in their hobbies/work but we have a common desire to create. These ladies also share their lifestyles, families, food, beautiful photos of their landscapes and open their lives to us.  Life is good.

2. My new end table toppers. I have many home decor items I need to make but get side tracked sewing other projects.  I finally stopped one afternoon and made 2 fall table toppers for my living room.

They are the same, I just turned one over so you can see the back. I think I like the back more (the photo at the top).  I prefer to cover my end tables for 2 reasons. One, for a little deco and two, to protect these really nice wood tables.  They get used every day for drinks, etc and there are spills.  I had some fall scrap fabric so I just sewed some strips together , quilted to batting, attached a one piece backing scrap with right sides together and OILA! 2 toppers were done in an hour. I really like them.

3. Two New Projects this week. The Christmas scraps are taking over the containers so I decided to just get some sewn together quickly.  I started another Christmas Table Topper using scraps and Miss Rosie's Cake Mix papers:
I sewed 4 sets of blocks , cut them and now get to sit in front of the tv and remove papers which is soothing. Later, I will sew the blocks together into a 20 inch table topper. More photos when they are done.

I also started joining many Cookie Exchange scraps into 10.5" Improv blocks probably for a quilt.

This Moda fabric is so sweet with recipes for Christmas. It feels good to sew up the scraps instead of them stuffed in bags taking up room in the stash.  I made  9 -10.5 blocks but haven't laid them out nor attached red check sashing yet. I plan to make a small quilt-hope it will be about 45 inches square.

As you can see, I've been in a lot of therapy this week. (hee hee)

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope everyone is healthy and happy.  Please join us for more "likes" with Lee Anna at :Not Afraid of Color.

Short update on Wednesday- the rally was disgusting to watch but the protesters outside were peaceful the whole time. Each group had to stand outside in 108 degrees for hours before the rally!  After the rally let the folks out, all was peaceful and people were leaving when a small (10) group of young thugs arrived who were not associated with either group and threw rocks/bottles at the police . They were just their to fight and were laughing! I am SO proud of our police for their tolerance and patience even tho the media exaggerated the scene.


  1. I like the blogging connections too. Thugs... don't like... bragging people who hold rallies to feel better... not so much either.

  2. I follow a few blogs in the UK and Australia. So much fun to chat with those people (and for down under, to see the different seasons than me).

    Your table toppers are pretty. Like those colors.

    Huzzah for new projects! :-)

  3. I love all of your projects, Mary! I especially love the Christmas fabric - I have a drawer full of Christmas fabric because I make something new each year, and need an idea for the scraps. Maybe improv blocks would be the way to go. I'm glad things went smoothly during and after "you know who's" speech the other night. That is all very scary and worrisome right now. Thanks for your positivity - we all need that right now!