Thursday, August 10, 2017

Things I like Aug 10


 (I'm praying for you Guam) but  here are the things I do like this week:

1. Making things I'm not supposed to be doing right now- such as my Candy Apple Potholder

Isn't it the cutest? The layer cake piece was from an old I Spy fabric collection. The pot holder was made using Insul Bright which reflects the heat. I also put a layer of batting inside. The potholder is about 9x10.  I might sell it at a craft sale in the fall or give it as a gift.

2. Making things for my daughter-she is so appreciative and I can usually guess what fabrics she will like- this time I made a blue and gold mug rug for her morning tea:

 The first photo is the back
By the way, I used my MSQC half hexagon ruler on the layer cake pieces for both of  these projects. On this mug rug, I did not add a binding, just sewed the fabrics right side together with batting in between and then of course turned right side out with top stitching on the edge.

Either of these projects only took 1/2 hour to make. Very satisfying.

3.Preparing/cooking with new recipes. Yesterday I tried making baked chicken taquitos from a Facebook recipe.

They looked like they were ok. They were awful.  LOL.  I even reviewed the recipe to see if I did everything correctly which I did, but they just didn't turn out good.  My brother and I laughed as we tried to eat them! They were not edible.
The same day, I tried to make peach sorbet and it was so awful tasting I didn't even take a picture.  How could peaches, sugar and water not taste good. ... I think it must have been the frozen peaches I just purchased at the store for that recipe.
But, you won't experience good new dishes unless you try! My track record is really good considering, so I'll keep playing.

4. Blog sites that are not  about quilting and cooking.  Two of my favorites are Gabrielle at Design Mom and Laura at Decor to Adore If you get a chance to check them out I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I hope everyone is safe, happy and healthy and thanks for dropping by.  Please check out other "likes" with Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color.


  1. LOL. You, too? I am forever inserting little projects into my things-to-do that I have NO time for, and yet just call to me. And I have such fun doing them. Ugh for your culinary disasters. At least you can laugh. :-) Nothing like failing spectacularly.

  2. No fun to put all of that effort into a new recipe and then have it taste awful - especially when that is what was for dinner! I've had that happen, too. I love little projects like mug rugs - definitely satisfying for a quick finish! Happy Thursday, Mary!