Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Things I like Thursdays May 9


I cannot believe it-- but it's 63 degrees and raining on a May morning here in Peoria Az. Unheard of weather. Cool and pretty.  We are usually much hotter and dry by now in the year.   I am so not complaining.

It's been a busy week again (aren't they all anymore?).   I have been reading interesting articles and taking a few photos so I have some "likes" to share with you:

1.  Yoga Joe's.  Cute and helpful!
    I have to thank Sally Hurley for the link to this unusual website.

2.  My daughter's garden. 

This is her first vegetable garden in that wood lined bed in the middle of her backyard!  Things  are growing crazy.  I'm so happy for her after the hard work setting it up a month ago.

3. Sunscreen article showing the dangers of using sunscreen.

Do not misunderstand-I use sunscreen when in the sun, but I avoid going into the sun as much as possible and wash my skin immediately after going back inside. I have never liked the idea of putting those chemicals on my skin. I've been wondering all these years when they would tell us :  it's killing us. Just sayin.

Kim at Home and Family tv show gave instructions  for  an "all natural" sunscreen but how do they really know it works?

4.  Rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club. 

Less than $5- very few ingredients (half of the verbage on the label is instructions) and no soy.

4 cups of cooked, cut up chicken= 3 meals worth in the freezer plus chicken salad made in 30 minutes. DONE.  This was so cool.

5. Interview with The Tattooed Quilter- Christoper Thompson) in his apartment in New York City.
I hope this link to the video works!  If not, go to Facebook and search Riley Blake Designs for the interview.

I enjoyed this video so much.  He is so talented and fun to watch!

6. My birthday celebration over several days- My son and DIL took me to the Vogue Bistro for dinner  Friday night in Surprise, Az. which was soooo good.  Then my daughter had 4 birthdays combined at her house on Sunday for Mexican food which we all gorged on.

7.  Mother's Day at Safeway.

I thought I got a great photo there- I especially like the toilet paper in the background.

Hope you enjoyed this week's "likes" and join us for more at Lee Anna's site: Not Afraid of Color.

Have a great week!  Happy Mother's Day to all the moms.
mary  😄


  1. what lovely flowers---and I've managed to make my birthday (which hasn't even come ye!!! this month) parlay to 2 weeks this year..hahaha
    {"Oh, and I have a great list on Amazon, too, for you to choose from "}
    I enjoy knowing what I will get and know I will like it as I chose it
    to begin with .....hahaha
    hugs, Julierose

  2. that's a riot of flowers!!! Love the TP capture, and the flamingo photo bomb. The vegetables are going gangbusters after one month! It's snowing here today, so no vege are out yet. Sunscreen... chemicals... oy vey what's a person to do any more?? I am always tempted by chicken at Sams, then wonder how long they sat out under the heat rays. Without sunscreen.

    1. I sure hope you weather starts warming up there. Hysterical on the rotisserie without sunscreen. EW. I figure if I get the chicken the same day as prepared I'm doing good. I usually roast a whole chicken in the crock pot but now that we are on a higher electricity usage rate, I'm goin for the precooked. Hope you are enjoying the weekend! mary

  3. Good Morning! 63 degrees sounds like perfect weather to me. I know it is unusual for you but isn’t it a nice change of pace?!! Your daughter’s veggie garden looks very, very happy! Good for her – and you will benefit from all those organic goodies too, I’m sure. I feel the same way about sunscreen, and I avoid using it as well by staying out of the sun whenever possible. Chemicals aren’t good for us – imagine that. We couldn’t have seen that coming. We get rotisserie chicken from Sam’s all the time! So good – and so is the chicken salad they sell but why buy there’s when it’s so easy to make! YUM! {{Hugs}} and Happy Mother’s Day to you. I hope you get to spend some time with Thomas. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Glad you're enjoying a bit of cool weather, Mary! That is pretty unheard of in AZ in May. We often get a roasted chicken from Costco - they are good, too - and make several meals. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day, too! I always live those floral fisplays in the grocery stores.

  5. So wonderful that it's a bit cool and wet! That's awesome. I love rotisserie chickens from Sams- so much great meat. Perfect to freeze or make into casseroles after the first meal. And your daughter's vegetable garden is lovely. I think a raised bed will have to be my next step, but I know it is a ton of work. Did you guys use specific plans to build yours or just sort of design it yourself?

  6. What a nice little vegetable garden. I'm going to make one myself one of these days. Rotisserie chicken is so good! It's so hard to find that sunshine/sunscreen balance. We understand so little about so many chemicals.

  7. Hi Mary, I just went and watched that video of Christopher. I always love to hear people chat about their stitching and tools, etc.
    I use chicken like that too and usually make a small soup from the carcass.
    I know, I've always worried about the chemicals in sunscreen and also they make my rosacea act up so I know they're not great. But yet we need them. I'm always trying new ones to find one that works for me.
    Wow, your daughter's garden looks awesome. Reward for hard work.
    So glad you enjoyed your celebrations and I hope you enjoy your Mother's Day too!

    1. Isn't Christopher great- I was inspired to get back to organising my sewing area. Have a great Mother's Day! mary

  8. hahaha at T-P in the background (I hadn't even noticed that) Thanks for shring the video of Christoher. Your daughter has truly got a green thumb! Have a great day!

  9. Your daughter sounds like she's good with plants. I wish I was! Thankful that my husband has the green thumb in our family! So funny to see that toilet paper! Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day!!

    1. Actually, my daughter just started gardening a few years ago and now is doing just great- it took trial and error. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! mary