Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Things I like Thursdays May 23


I hope and pray everyone is safe and sound after all this crazy weather!  We have been blessed with cool temps here. This will be a busy week as Thomas gets out of school (cannot believe it's here already) and will be here at our home weekdays till June 3 when he attends a new day care.  When he's here, I don't cook, clean,  or sew- just relax and play with him. Then I'll play catch up on the 3 day weekend. Maybe.

Here are my few "likes" for this week:

1.  The Village on NBC .  Great story lines and characters. It's ending very soon for the season but I hope it comes back in the fall.

2.  Needle Books. 

I have never made one but I saw these on Pinterest! Yes, I was looking again. I've been away for years but got sucked in recently. Maybe I'll find time this summer to make one of these needle books.

3.  "Dits and Dots" quilt started.   This is a photo with the chocolate chip cookie for fortitude. LOL

Here's the quilt top so far

I started making a disappearing 9 patch with left over charms and Kona Snow charms. But, I'm just about out of the print charms, so now I have to figure out another coordinating 7.25 block to add to the mix cause this will be way  too small. I'll try to find stash yardage to compliment these.   I hope to get one more quilt done for the Hope&Dreams Quilt challenge as I do each year.

4.  Chicken Stroganoff from Kristyn at Lilluna.  I can't wait to try this recipe. I need more diverse recipes with chicken.

5.  Vegan Blender Waffles from Caitlin at From My Bowl.  My daughter gave me this link and hopes to try it too.  Since Almond flour is so expensive here, we'll share a bag. I'm looking forward to doing it all in a blender-we'll see how that works as opposed to a bowl.

Well peeps, gotta run and start my busy day. Thanks for stopping ( I love to hear from you). Please join us for more "likes" at Lee Anna's site:Not Afraid of Color.

Take care


  1. Love those needle books and that quilt is adorable

  2. Your quilt is so pretty...and those needlebooks look antique--just beautiful...
    Happy upcoming Memorial Day weekend
    Hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh needle books, someone made me one and I love it! Great quilt, and enjoy your time with Thomas.

  4. Hi Mary! HAHAHA to getting sucked into Pinterest again. It is so very easy to lose time there. The Village - never heard of that show. I'll check it out because it's about to become rerun season. Your Dits and Dots is just fab - and the cookie to sustain you is priceless. Love all of those fabrics! Enjoy Thomas - what gets done, gets done. At some point it all works itself out. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I made myself a needle book a couple years ago, and find it really handy - but it's not nearly so pretty as the ones you found! Your Dits and Dots quilt is going to be adorable! Enjoy your time with Thomas, Mary.

  6. I really like the village too, but am behind on my dvr... don't tell me what happened! Dots are a personal favorite of mine to collect too. OMG remember having shirts and playclothes made of dotted swiss fabric? It was all the rage in Forida's heat.

    1. I miss dotted swiss! I had pretty skirts and dresses. It is such a cool fabric for the heat here. hmmm-wish I had more time to sew. Maybe later in the summer.

  7. Glad you're enjoying some cooler weather. We're up and down almost every day. It's wonderful (and I'm sure stressful) that you take care of Thomas, but you'll never regret it. I've never made or owned a needle book. I just stick them in random pieces of quilt batting. Have a good weekend.

  8. LOL - I would never allow a chocolate chip cookie that close to my sewing machine - guaranteed to have chocolate all over something. Your D9P is cheerful!

  9. I just love these dotty materials and what you are making with them. Aren't those needle books pretty! Thomas will love his time with you, I know, Mary. I too am exploring recipes with almond flour. It's tough to find good ones.

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I am having fun with Thomas but feeling my age. Need more yoga. heehee