Thursday, March 29, 2018

Things I like Thursday Mar 29


It's been a crazy week. I don't know where the week went.  I spent the weekend catching up on house chores after being gone all week to grandson's house. Then Monday I tried to finish some blocks for my newest donation quilt made from 30's prints.  Tuesday was the doctor visit of results of my brother's prostate biopsy (ok for now) which took 3 hours counting travel time when it's only 8 miles from our home and Wednesday to my new sewing group. Whew. I need a nap.

But, I do have some "likes" for this week:

1. My new sewing group which meets on Wednesdays. As mentioned above, I found a sewing group at the local library on Wednesdays.  It is only 1 mile from my home, the ladies meet from approximately 9:30 A.M. -1 PM. I can work on anything I desire-sewing, knitting, embroidery, etc.
There are sewing machines, notions, fabric scraps, tools, cutting boards, iron, all for anyone's use. Except for using their sewing machine and iron, I'll bring my own "stuff".  It will be wonderful to not lift my machine several times in one day while my back has been acting up and a pulled muscle in my forearm. It's  a pretty and big room-all in the library. No classes, expectations- just a social time. And, free. And, the librarians are also crafters.
I've met some nice ladies and hope this is just what I've been needing, but not aware of until I found it by accident. Life is crazy.

2. Thirty's Print blocks. 
I had some very light 30's prints and made some 16 square blocks, 4 squares with background squares and put them on the design wall . It was so boring.  So then I added some other pinks, blues, purples and now it's better. I wanted something quiet, not loud so I hope this is a good compromise.

3. My new pants project. I wanted to see if I could make 100% cotton pants for the summer.  Many (40) years ago I made my own clothes but I now don't enjoy it as much as quilting. But, I've shopped in the stores for pants and can't find what I need:

Yes, hot wheel cars AND fidget spinners  make great paper weights. This pattern makes elastic waste with pockets, loose pants.  I chose a gray/white striped cotton fabric, so we'll see.  It took me an hour just to cut out the pattern pieces! I can hardly use a pair of scissors in this manner after using a rotary cutter for 5 years. And, the tissue paper is so thin. But, I figure if they don't look super cool when I'm done, they'll be good for p.j.'s.

4. The Blue Angels. There is an air force base about 5-10 miles from my home. It had an air show, but unfortunately, I couldn't attend.  Love those shows.
So, I was sewing in my bedroom and the engines were getting louder so I looked out my patio and this is what I saw and was able to get on my iphone VERY quickly:

I was like a little kid running back and forth from the front yard to the back for half an hour.  Those pilots are just so talented. I hope you can see just how close that one group of jets are to each other.

5. Cleaning out my clothes closet.  I know, pitiful. But, for me being organized rests my soul.  For many years I've changed out my clothes twice a year-spring vs fall.
Last year,  I decided to just leave everything hanging up in the closet because I just didn't want to pack away the winter clothes.
It's not like I have hundreds of clothes, but I have not liked  having to move things around that I won't wear for at least 6 months so I can get to what I need. So, this week I packed away the winter clothes and I'm so glad I did.  It's also a good time to pack up items I no longer wear to take out for donation. I'm much happier now when I open the closet. It's the little things.

6. PBS' "Call the Midwife". I know, I'm late to the party on this one.  There was literally nothing on tv the other night so I  decided to try watching this show because PBS has such great shows.  I loved it ! I didn't know it took place in the 60's which I can identify with. I was a teenager then. Now, I have to catch up on previous seasons.

Well, time to start getting chores done for the day  but hope everyone has a blessed holiday week.  Please join us at Lee Anna's post:Not Afraid of Color for other "likes".

Thanks for dropping by.  I love seeing your comments!


  1. So cool that you found a sewing group! It should be fun to see what everyone else is working on too! I think your blocks look great. I really like the pops of pink and I think the whole thing still feels calm overall.

    1. thank you- I wasn't sure how it looked to someone else!

  2. Your group at the library sounds wonderful! Glad you found them. I've been wondering about making "pajama" type pants to wear around the house. I haven't sewn clothes in years either, but it might be fun to try! We loved Call the Midwife, and I was sad when they finished up their last season. Enjoy getting caught up with it!

    1. Oh dear- I didn't know it was a finished show! I'll still try to get the earlier seasons. Thanks.

  3. Welcome to the Midwives club! My neighbors come here and we watch it whenever it is on. You will be addicted too! I don't think midwives is cancelled just airs at different times. At least I hope not. Have a wonderful week!

  4. I smiled at your account of packing up your winter clothes. It is, indeed, "the little things" that make life easier and happier.

  5. Call the Midwife! A new season is starting (have it taped, haven't watched yet). Cutting patterns is so time consuming - I bet the sewing will flash by. Nice catch of those Blue Angels!

  6. OK - so I am really late to the party - never heard of Call the Midwife, but I will add it to my list!

    I am glad someone else gets joy from cleaning closets (or anything). Just getting organized is a good feeling.

    I appreciate your kind comments on my blog - I am glad to join this group!

    I tried to join a crafting group at my church, but they don't meet regularly ... I will try some other avenues, thanks to your inspiration!

    Happy Easter!

  7. Oh I'm envious of your sewing group and so handy to you. The only ones I know here are far away which makes travel an issue. Enjoy it.'I too change out my closet twice a year which is a pain but like you, makes me feel good when it's done.
    Your blocks are great and I think the pops of colour do add to them.
    Good luck with the clothes making!

  8. It's fun to read about all the things you do and how busy you are! It sounds like we would be best friends if we lived next door to each other! Enjoy your week! Happy sewing!