Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Things I like Thursday 3-22


I'm posting this ahead of Thursday, so bear with me. This is Spring break for Thomas,  so I won't be home all week but will be playing with him at his house. Yay!

Here are my likes for this week:

1. Family time with my kids. Here are my daughter (on left) and daughter in law making pizza. They are 2 days apart in age! They even went to the same high school but didn't know each other! Don't they look like sisters? So  funny. love them both:
They are just too cute.

Here I am with my son :
He is such a tall dude-takes after my brothers. And, he is such a compassionate nice person.

As you can see, I'm very proud of my kids and love spending time with them.

2. Decorating with vignettes around the house for Easter. Here's "Peter Rabbit":

And, "Kisses":

My favorite-"mama and babies":

I've had these for years and think they were all purchased at Tuesday Morning.
They all say HAPPY SPRING!

3. Kohl's Cash. Just sayin. I needed to buy my brother shoes for spring/summer and got some Kohl's cash.  Now I "have" to go back and buy stuff. I don't "shop" nearly as much since I retired so this is a treat.

4. Another new blog I captured:  I identified with her comments on shopping through messy sales racks-especially "clearance'.  I just avoid those because it actually hurts my hands and arms to fight with those hangers. I like organized, roomy clothes racks and aisles.

5. This laser- cut applique kit from Connecting Threads:

This was designed by Holi Ganesha and is just stunning. I believe the pieces are all cut and backed with adhesive interfacing which are applied to a background per instructions and a template. . Genius.
 Maybe someday I'll splurge on that kit. This would be a timeless addition to a quilt collection.

Hope everyone has a great week and thanks for stopping by! Please join us at Lee Anna's blog for more "likes":Not Afraid of Color


  1. Wow. That elephant is impressive - what a neat kit! Happy family - that's always such a great thing. I checked out that blog - oh, that huge hand-quilted quilt. It just boggles the mind! Oof.

  2. Oh Mary, I identify with everything mentioned here...homemade pizza for one...I use my bread machine to make the dough. Your lovely looking family over to enjoy(and there couldn't be a better word to describe a man than the one you chose!), grandkids, bunnies, and I have looked longingly at that kit in my Connecting Threads catalogue. I also find it very tiring on the arms when the hangers are too of the Goodwills here jams everything in and I find it frustrating.

  3. Hi Mary,
    WOWEE - that elephant appliqué piece is just stunning! Wow - that really would make a statement on a quilt. Your son is very handsome, and your daughter and daughter-in-law look like they get along well. That is SO nice! I hope you are having a great time with Thomas. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Love the pictures of your kids and you, Mary! It's so wonderful that you all live close and spend time together like you do. I read Karen's blog every day - I really admire her hand stitched projects. Happy Spring and Easter - love your decorations!

  5. first, beautiful family. Love "kisses" and pizza and sales and Khols cash and elephants!

  6. What a loving family - you are blessed! That quilt is amazing. Here's what I learned about it the first time I saw it in the CT catalog: "Holi Ganesha," designed by Madi Hastings, commemorates the Indian color festival, "Holi" and the sacred "Ganesha," or elephant. Pictured in Free Spirit's "Slow and Steady" fabric line by Tula Pink. Blessings,

  7. Love the photo of you and your son. I'm hoping I have the same close relationship with my son when he's all grown up. It was tough at 16 but age 17 is better!

  8. Great pic of you and your son. Love your vignettes.