Thursday, March 15, 2018

I like Thursdays Mar 15


What a busy, crazy week. I planted, sewed, cooked, cleaned, entertained my pumpkin,  and kept doctor appointments for my brother.

So, here's my list of likes for this week:

1. New seed packets from the nursery which are organic.

We have Snow Peas for snacks which I've never planted before and then Little Finger carrots that Thomas planted himself on Sunday.

I purchased a mini lattice for the Snow Peas because they are a vine. I thought that lattice was so cute.  I planted the seeds pretty shallow then covered them with saran wrap to keep the area moist and set the pots in the full sun.  The carrot seeds were so tiny but Thomas handled them very  gently as well as  watering the first batch.  He is so adapt at using his one hand. He has cerebal palsy, had a stroke at 2 weeks and other ailments but uses one hand to navigate life. It's the little things that make us happy.  Many years ago he planted carrots in a pot and was so surprised when we had a harvest.

I check both pots everyday to make sure they stay damp.  We have only a 3 month growing season at best so I had to work quickly.

2. Heirloom Tomatoes. Here is my newest plant:

Last year my Roma tomato plant did not do well so I'm trying a new kind. We'll see.

3. Shamrocks. Can you believe I've never seen a real shamrock plant before this new one I purchased?
I know. What a sheltered life. Gheeze.
It's the sweetest plant-fragile, little white flowers. love it. I'm keeping it indoors cause we're already in the 80's most days.

4. My new pink/gray  flannel kimono.  I see that kimonos are really popular in the store, but I needed a lightweight jacket for the mornings when I run to the store or library.  I didn't want a real jacket, just something to throw on.  So, I had this flannel in the stash (about 3 yards) that originally was to be made into pj's but never got around to it. I was nervous because I don't make garments much anymore!

It was not hard to make except the pattern was incorrect on the facing.  I've never had that happen before so I improvised to make the facing fit. I made the kimono shorter but it still covers my butt! I also shortened the sleeves. So, this is pretty custom after all.

Even though it's flannel, it's the perfect lightweight cover and does not match anything I wear! Oh well. It's french, pink and pretty. There's priorities.

Hope  you are all enjoying your day and thanks for stopping by to see my likes. Please join our group at Lee Anna's site Not Afraid of Color for more likes.



  1. Hi Mary,
    Your seeds look like they have a wonderful new home! I can just imagine Thomas planting the carrot seeds, oh so very carefully. Your shamrock plant looks oh so happy! I love them with their delicate white flowers. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I didn't know you could grow peas or carrots in pots! I've had good success with cherry tomatoes, but haven't tried other veggies that way. What a wonderful grandma you are to make sure your grandson has those kinds of experiences!

  3. aren't you clever! I love the idea of a little kimono coverup. I love seeing seedlings grow too. The idea of planting peapods is terrific.

  4. The Kimono cover is cute. I love the shamrocks. I have one on my sunroom....keep the cat away, they are poisonous. But I adore the tiny flowers. Your peas in the pots will be fun to watch grow.

  5. Ooh. Seeds. Veggies. and shamrocks! I don't do much gardening, but I'm looking forward to planting a few veggies. I'm hoping my sage plant managed to survive the winter.

  6. It's too early to garden here in Pennsylvania so I'm enjoying watching you garden! That tomato looks great! If you have hummingbirds in the area, you can put your shamrock out for them. They love the flowers! Have a wonderful day and a great week!

  7. You have the start of a lovely garden. That pink kimono is too cute!