Thursday, February 15, 2018

Things I like Thursday Feb 15


I'm feeling better mentally (adjusting to life's up and downs) and physically so I'm more aware of the "likeables" in my life.

 The weather has been really nice till yesterday when clouds and rain moved in.  I think we have rain scheduled for one more day so we definitely can't complain.  We are able and moving forward with doctor appointments for my brother and I so I'm thankful for that.

And, I'm still able to care for my special needs grandson which makes me thankful every single day.
He is  my valentine.

So here goes on my special "likes" for this week :

1. Amaryllis blooms.  Oh my goodness. I am blown away by this bulb that only took 4 weeks to bloom into huge peach colored flowers-this is the first bloom:

The plant is over 3 foot tall! I braced it with chopsticks but I need to get taller braces from the store.
Here is a photo 3 days later with the rest of the blooms opening:

There are about 5-6 blooms each about 5 inches across! Best plant I've ever grown.

2. Pizza at my son and daughter-in-law's home. Good company, good food.  This time we had spinach, artichoke and mushrooms.

I've never seen such a thin crust-thinner than a tortilla. Wonderful.  She makes it and my son cooks it on his Green Egg hibachi.  So cool.

3. Valentine gift for "my pumpkin" (who is 13 so I better come up with a new nickname but he insists I still call him "my pumpkin"). Just sayin. 💖  Anyway, I found this cutie at Walmart.

Thomas likes it when we call him a hairy beast (from one of his books) so this just fit perfectly.  He insisted the lion keep him company while playing with his trucks.  He never had an interest in stuffed animals till this last year  so this has been fun to surprise him with new ones and of course, Thomas is also very handsome.

4. Snowboarding events at the Olympics.  You must realize I'm a 69 year old gramma, I've never been on a snowboard or gone to the snow for at least 30 years. For some reason I am in awe of these athletes and their snowboarding skills-men and women-young and old!

I spent 3 hours trying to baste a WIP quilt but forgot to take photos; so, hopefully, by next week I'll have a finished donation quilt to share and,  one of my WIPS completed-yay.

This has been a better week and I hope everyone has also had a good week.  Please join us at LeeAnna's post Not Afraid of Color  for a great group of bloggers posting our "likes".

Have a blessed day.

Edit: This post was written before the horrible events in Florida yesterday. I've been praying for everyone.


  1. Love your amarylis, too. I have had 4 going at different stages over the winter. The first one was a similar colour to yours.
    I didn't check in last week, but catching up. I hope you have been able to get someone lined up for medical help with your brother. I hope it turns out benign. Hugs. Maybe a good thing he can pretend things are ok.

  2. Hi Mary,
    Oh my goodness, that amaryllis is beyond beautiful! WOWEE! What a bright spot of spring. I adore thin crust pizza - the thinner the better - and that one looks so good. Well, except for the mushrooms. What a sweet V Day present for Thomas. I can just imagine his smiling face as he opened it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Oh I am sure Thomas loved that lion! We call our granddaughter pumpkin too--she is the same age as Thomas! I didn't know how to handle writing today while I was listening to the news. It's so terrible and we prayed this morning as well. Hugs.

  4. What a beautiful amaryllis! That definitely would brighten your day. I, too, am amazed by those snowboarders - all the flips and turns! I'm so sorry that both you and your brother have been having health issues - and hope you find some home health care to help with his care.

  5. Your Amaryllis is gorgeous. Snowboarding is awesome. They are so cool to watch. Feel better, you have your hands full. LOL love that your grandson is your Valentine.

  6. All good stuff. Need those flowers this time of year, just to cheer things up!

  7. Your amaryllis are gorgeous. How lucky you are. Have a great week. Til next Thursday--