Saturday, February 10, 2018

Just when you think things are improving.......

Oh my.  You know that saying of "whatever you're doing on New Years Eve will be what you're doing for the rest of the year"?  Well, I spent that night in Urgent Care due to a bladder issue (but I was with my daughter who kept me laughing most of the time).   In January alone, I took my brother to urgent care for the surgical removal of a large cyst that he had not told me about which required 3 follow up visits that week alone, we had a birth and  a death in our immediate family, and a visit for me to a specialist with many tests to come.

 Then in February's  first week,  I took my brother (who has lived with me for 15 years because he is disabled) for his annual physical and doctor tells us he may have prostate cancer! No symptoms, but other signs I won't bore you with. That caught me so off guard, I couldn't think clearly for almost 2 days! Couldn't sleep, etc.-you know the routine when your worlds are turned upside down.  My brother is in the early stage of Alzheimers and also has a learning disorder, so he has been able to pretend nothing is wrong and life is normal.  Luckily, I just got a urologist for myself and was able to get him into my doctor the next day! He has a biopsy scheduled for Mar 13th. That's a long time to wait because that means an additional 2 weeks for the results. My initial concern is the fact I can't help with bodily functions ( I'm his sister for Pete's sake)and he's larger than I am so now I'm contacting agencies for medical help here at home that are affordable through the state. . We'll see how that plays out. Love me some bureaucracies. NOT. The chances of him having this are high based on the findings so far and I don't want him to suffer. The prognosis if caught early is excellent in treatment  and recovery. Hopefully, we caught this at an early stage.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my best friend who I hadn't seen in almost a year ( I know, crazy) and it helped me a lot.  I  slept (finally) last night so I'm feeling better.

 My faith has also given me a better approach.

So, that's how my day is going -how bout yours?


  1. oh my you are going through so much right now :(

  2. Sending good wishes for you and your brother. I wish I could hug you now...
    Hope your friends continue to be a source of comfort and strength.