Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Things I like Thursday Jan 25


So, we had a freeze Sunday night and already we are  in the 70's this week!  The weather over the weekend cleaned the air and we have beautiful blue skies. Yay!  Here are other things I like from this past week:

1. Cafe Zupas in Glendale, Az.  My daughter and I went to a Zupas in northeast Phoenix after our Christmas movie and we loved it. So-- for her birthday, we went for a winter pedicure (which is new for us) at a new shop AND Cafe Zupas was next door- SCORE. This time we had the Cuban sandwich (pork, ham, muenster cheese, bread and butter pickles on Chiabatta bread with Dijon mustard. Oh my goodness. My daughter said it was like a party in your mouth!  We split the sandwich so we could have the Peppermint Chocolate Brulee.  Serious.  ... If you have a Cafe Zuppas in your area I highly recommend them. Their grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup is to die for . Just sayin.   I also loved a house recipe drink they had:
So  much so that I walked back up and took a photo of the ingredients (which is a first for me) and I sorta made it at home.
I drink water all day long which is boring and the flavored waters in the stores are not for me. This was so light and good. This orange berry drink contained orange slices, strawberries, honey and water. Natural and tasty. Duh

2. A Thomas Moore quote from Jenny Elefantz' blog:

"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

3. A Winter Pedicure!

For my daughter's birthday on Saturday , we got pedicures. It was such a treat. We normally don't do that in the winter so this was fun.

4. Making a WIP/UFO list.  I've never made an actual list before and I've been feeling like I had some things hanging over my head that I needed to get done in the sewing area. As I mentioned before, until last year, I was a one project quilter. In January I try to reorganize my rooms and thought this would be a good time to corral those projects unfinished in containers around the sew room.  Well, guess what? I only have 3! The other 3 containers just have specialty fabric in them for stash: Christmas, Flannel and Garments. Here are my 3 WIPS/UFOs which need to be completed:
The Charm Scrap XMAS Mini.  I designed this  mini with leftover Christmas charms and I love it but got discouraged with the math as I originally thought I was making a quilt. Finally, I just added the gray border and put it away. All I need to do is find a backing and quilt it as a mini.

This is "Sweet Serengeti" a 50" x 60" quilt with a "piano keys" border.  This line of fabric is so beautiful but I will probably donate the quilt. I have the backing and maybe enough batting, so this should be done in February.  I'll post more details on it after it's done.

These are "Notting Hill Tea Cake" blocks I'm doing occasionally with the Cake Mix Recipe papers.
Many times, I like to sit and do  mindless sewing and these are such fun.

4. Start of an RSC quilt for the year.  I've been seeing these challenges all over the "interwebs" and thought I would try it from the scraps bin.  Here are the blue ones for January:

They are a little dark for my taste but that's all the blue scraps I had that were big enough (2.5 x 4.5) and then I used contrasting mini charms for the centers.

Well, that's my "likes" for this week.  Thanks for coming by and please join us for more at LeeAnna's post: Not Afraid of Color.

Have a blessed week!


  1. Hi Mary,
    That orange-berry water infusion looks delicious! And the Cuban sandwich sounds, well like your daughter said, like a party in your mouth. Only three UFOs - that is great. You'll those complete in no time. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. We don't have Zuppas here, but I love a good cuban sandwich, and Creme Brulee is one of my favorite desserts. If I'm ever out there I'll have to find one! I wish you lots of luck on your WIP/UFO list, it can feel really overwhelming!!

  3. I will have to look up Cafe Zuppa's - it sounds yummy! I need to follow your lead and make a WiP list - I think I will have many more than just three, though... I like your block idea for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge! The bright centers look great with the dark blues.

  4. oh, I grew up in Tampa Fl with cuban food. Our latin quarter, Ybor City was the tip of the iceberg and I miss cuban sandwiches, cafe con leche, real fried plantains, boliche. Your sandwich sounds good but like a new version of our trad. sandwiches. Plus the bread... has to be real cuban bread baked with palmetto fronds pressed in! Sorry I'm reminiscing. Your sandwich sounds great. Tell them it's dill pickle though lol.

  5. I like your WIPs. Nothing like a good cafe!

  6. Cuban sandwiches are awesome! The drink sounds good. Great quilt blocks and quilts.

  7. A good lunch place AND pedicure, definitely a score! Like the toes' colour too. ;-) I would hazard a guess that hopping around in QBL (Quilt Blogland) has contributed to your no longer being a one-project quilter! Glad to see you're in with RSC!! It hasn't made much of a dent AT ALL in my scraps but it sure is fun.

  8. Hope with the bronchitis tamed and those lovely toes, you are feeling like a new woman! I love going out with my daughters too; it is a great chance to catch up. And I love that sandwich description...sounds delicious.
    You have lovely WIP's there Mary.
    I also read your last post. I too have an ex...married for 37 years and we are good friends. The same situation might apply, who knows. The downs of life make the ups all the more enjoyable.

  9. I am not particularly a piecer/ patchworker. Can you explain what you mean by the "Notting Hill Tea Cake" blocks I'm doing occasionally with the Cake Mix Recipe papers. I get the block part, but not cake mix recipe paper.
    and what is RSC quilt?

  10. Hi Mary, I don't know how I missed your post this week. We don't have a Zapas here but your lunch sounds wonderful! I am so envious that you only have 3 UFOs! Wow! I do think lists do help you get through the work faster. I love your projects especially that Christmas mini quilt! Have a great day!