Wednesday, January 17, 2018

I Like Thursdays Jan 18


Well, I can finally say I'm feeling much better. Went to Chiro and got my back fixed and went to lung doctor and got an antibiotic for the bronchitis.  Now just have the primary doctor to see Friday.  Hopefully I'll get my haircut today and a pedicure Saturday and I'll be a new woman. Whew.

As you can imagine I have a few likes for our weekly group. here they are:

1. My lung doctor.  She is a funny intelligent woman and so down to earth. She's been my lung doctor  about 6 months after I was diagnosed with COPD about 5 years ago.  At that time I was on oxygen at home during the night.  Her tests and the right prescriptions have enabled me to stop the oxygen at least 3 years ago and keep my COPD at bay.  What helps so much is her approach to my health. For instance when she sent the antibiotic prescription to my pharmacy online while I was sitting there in her office, she handed me a written prescription for a drug  in case I got a yeast infection from the meds.  Only a female doctor would do that in advance.  Just sayin.

2. A new quilt for my second great granddaughter. We had an addition to our family Jan 8th. She is so sweet.  Here's the quilt I sent to her family:

I made this small quilt ( about 50 inches square) when I found out my granddaughter was having a girl and then just waited till she was born to add a label with her new name-Kynslee. This quilt was made from a scrap bag I purchased at my LQS! I think it's from a line at Me and My Sister.  Love the color combo.

3. My new Valentine quilt. I didn't realize I didn't have one for the living room.  I was at Walmart to purchase an embroidery hoop and saw their FQ bundles for $5.75 for 5!  I don't normally purchase fabric there. I washed the fat quarters, pressed them and got started cutting.  I cut the fat quarters into charm squares and they made 60!  I added some white 1.5 inch sashing I had in my stash.

I just bordered each charm making 8 to a row with 7 rows and the rest of the top to make a top 39 x 46. I did this in 2 days!

 I didn't have a backing I liked in my stash so went to Joanns big sale and got a Valentine backing for $14. Score.  So, here we go again with the back almost prettier than the top. Oh well. I like the choices.

Yesterday, I tried sandwiching on my smaller table (about 2' x 4') next to my bed.  Usually, I put 2 tables together but then I can't get in the closet so I left one of them put away and did this:

It was a little difficult but not impossible plus I didn't have to wreck my back getting out the other table and of course put it away when done!
Hopefully, I will quilt this cutie tomorrow. 😉

Thanks for coming along on this journey today and please join us at LeeAnna's "likes" post Not Afraid of Color  for more fun.
Have a blessed day.


  1. Hi Mary,
    YAYAY to feeling better! And that woman doctor sounds like a real GEM! Seriously, nothing like being proactive. I love it! Those scraps from your LQS are so darn cute - I love Me and My Sister fabrics. I have purchased a few FQs from Walmart for microwave cozies and they have some cute ones! I love your choices, and the backing is just perfect. I am making one similar and we are embroidering hearts in each square - just something different. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Glad you are feeling better. You have an awesome doctor! Great fabrics, they are gorgeous. Nothing like brightening up a long, bleak winter with a pop of red, pink and hearts.

  3. Congratulations on a new great-granddaughter! And I love your lung doctor are so right...only a female would have thought of that. And she has been so helpful to alleviating your symptoms. Some of them really know their field well.
    Oh, so envious of those fabrics at such great prices. Things are costlier here and even Walmart does not have such markdowns. You have made great progress and your quilt will be so pretty...front and back!

    1. I know! I was so pleased at my fabric finds even tho I have a stash here at home. You might try the online purchasing at Walmart or Joanns-I have been pleased with them but haven't purchased fabric from them online. MSQC is my go to for that. Have a great day! mary

  4. hooray for good doctors and pedi's and heart fabric

  5. Glad you're feeling better, Mary, and have found such a good doctor! Congratulations on a new great-granddaughter! I love the quilt you made her - bright and happy! Your Valentine quilt is so pretty, too, and I like the backing, too. Makes me want to go back to Joann's and get some for myself.

  6. Congrats on the new great-grandchild! That quilt is perfect for a little baby girl! I love your red and white quilt, that is lovely! I can't believe you founds such perfect backing--Wowsa! Have a great week! Cheers!

  7. Yay for a good doctor. They're so hard to find. Congrats for a new great grandchild. The quilt is beautiful.

  8. Glad you are getting help with your meds and health issues. and yes, a new woman is a good idea - if only!