Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year everyone.

I hope this year starts off better than I closed the old one last night! Where did you spend New Year's Eve?  I spent it in Urgent Care with pain from an UTI and my continuing cough.  Good Grief Charlie Brown that sucked.  But, my very funny and fun daughter accompanied me on the 3 hour journey which made it so fun.  She finds humor in everyday life.
I had planned to keep my grandson overnight so they could have a date night which I do every year. About 2 hours after he arrived and we were finishing dinner, the pain started and I knew something was seriously wrong.  Mom and dad came to take him home ( he was such a trooper about the change of events) and my daughter took me to urgent care .  I was seen fairly quickly so we were out of there in 40 minutes!!! But, when we went to the 24 hour drug store, we had to wait over an hour for the prescription. We laughed about "partying in Walgreens on New Year's Eve".

I was so concerned with my daughter driving around last night by herself in this crazy city of drunken drivers. But, she made it home safely.  Anyway, the most bizarre part of the evening was the visible SMOG everywhere.  We have had pollution in the area since Thursday and residents have been told not to use their fireplaces and keep fireworks to the professionals (they are sent higher in the air)  but not many listened. I have never seen pollution at ground level before and I've lived here 65 years.
Today ,we  have the worst pollution ever in Phoenix.. For those of us with COPD this means we cannot go outside at all. Not that I probably would feel up to traveling around, but I can't even sit on my patio. Plus, this is not going anywhere soon unless we get high winds to blow it out of the valley or rain. None of which are in the forecast.  So, if you think this valley is paradise in the winter, some days are not. Bad way to start the new year.

Regardless, I have antibiotics and Advil so looks like there may be some sewing today!!! I'm looking forward to that. Thank God for doctors, nurses, pharmacists working on New Years!!

Hope you are enjoying this New Year! I hope this year brings you good health and happiness. And, lots of sewing.


  1. Oh my goodness - what a night you had! Hope you're feeling better now that 24 hours have passed.

  2. Feel better Mary! That is not a fun way to spend New Year's eve but glad you are home and have what you need. Hugs!

  3. Sending you lots of hugs and get well wishes. I am sure things will get better soon.