Thursday, June 29, 2017

Things I Like Jun 29


I've been doing chores already this morning so I'm  a little later than usual for posting. Sorry.
Here's my "likes" list for this week:

1. My new Dream Catcher I made for the living room. As is usual for me, I was sitting in my rocking chair and decided that part of the room"needed" something. I knew it needed something "fun". So, I purchased a hoop for a couple dollars and some inexpensive yarn ($5 total). Then, I took colorful ribbon and wrapped it around the hoop (oh, I only used one part of a wood 12 inch embroidery hoop, so I could make another one I suppose but I would recommend a one piece metal hoop instead).  Anyway, I then took the yarn and sorta made a design in the middle. I gathered a few jelly roll strips, some of the yarn, a few scrap pieces of ribbon and finally some selvage strips I saved. Wrapping them individually around the hoop with a loop knot, the project only took an hour!


It's so fun to just drop everything and express myself. Someday soon I'll make a macrame hanging for the other side of the room to get more retro. (hee hee)

2. Cold Brew Coffee.  I like cold coffee in the summer and I also use half decaffinated so I have to make my own.  But, I don't like the watered down by ice version.  Sooooo I went online and found many recipes for cold brewed coffee.

It was so easy I wish I had tried it earlier.  You can purchase fancy machines or a french press ( which I have and never use) but it all "boils" down to this: Using a 1:8 ratio of coarse ground coffee to cold water, place the grounds in a large jar, add water, brew in the fridge (or on the counter) for 8 hours. Pass the mixture over a cheesecloth on a large bowl to remove the grounds-twice. Pour back in jar and refrigerate for a week. I used that ratio the first time but today changed it to 1 to 4 to get a more concentrated result where I can add creams, etc. You can use this brew to make a cup of hot coffee-just add hot water to your cup. The best part of this type of brewing is the much lower acidity and a better flavor in general. Plus, I don't have to brew coffee every morning! I am so lazy first thing.
If you want further ideas for cold brew, visit
I label the jar so my brother doesn't confuse it for tea.

3.The day after the Summer Solstice (longest day of the year) here in the Northern Hemisphere. This year it was June 21st.  This means we are getting closer to Christmas and cooler weather. Just sayin.

I hope everyone is healthy and happy.  Please check out my favorite blog with Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color for a lot more "likes".


  1. your own mocha frapaccino. The dream catcher was a meditative process as well as creation. While making it you could tie a prayer for people into each knot. Have you discovered prayer flags yet? What a way to express yourself in an ephemeral way. Words charms and meaning, tie them to a string to hang like a banner on a porch or tree.
    More than ever, we need to pray for the USA on this anniversary of our founding. Get back to the original intent.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! And, I pray for our country and those leading it everyday!
      mary in Az

  2. Your cold brew coffee sounds good! I've been wanting to try that, and now I know how! I like the dreamcatcher, too. That is how I decorate, too - I pin my little quilted things up wherever there is a spot that needs filling!

  3. I enjoyed reading about this dream catcher idea. I have one in my sewing room a friend made for me. He looks at the person and kind of reads them and then ties onto the dream catcher what he thinks they need. He tied a lot onto mine which was interesting because unknown to him, I was going through some of my worst times.
    Your ribbons are so pretty. And cold coffee is surprisingly refreshing tho' I've never made it at home. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh I like that dreamcatcher too! :) Glad you find a nice recipe for the cold coffee !