Thursday, June 1, 2017



Hope everyone had a pleasant May. I can't believe it's June. This is normally our worst month of the year-110+ days and monsoon season starts. Ugh! I will be hibernating except for necessary trips to store or to grandson's house. There are priorities. Thanks to Lee Anna's weekly "like" hookups we get to focus on good things.  Here are mine this week:

1. My new glasses.  I know, it's a small thing but an important one.

Aren't they pretty? They're pink!

Here's the deal. My brother and I got our eye exams done at the same time at the eye doctor. Then, I took my brother to the insurance company's facility.  Those glasses cost $183 using the existing frames! it will take 3 weeks. Nothing special, just line- in bifocals.

Later that day, I went to Walmart Vision center and got a complete set of glasses for myself for  $153.  Mine took 4 days. Just sayin. And, they fit perfectly with the correct prescription. That was the first time I used Walmart. I'm very glad I did.

2. My new Rainy Day baby quilt. The top was made with a $5 grab bag of scraps from my local quilt shop! I added some scraps of white to various strips of these prints. to make 10 inch squares. Love the fabric line from Me and My Sister. It measures 40 x 40.  The backing was in the stash from Joann's MA Ditsy Bouquet and the binding was made with Robin's Egg Blue.

3. Cloud Bread. I saw this on Facebook and had to try it.  No flour or water. Just eggs, sugar, cream cheese and cream of tartar. Weird but very tasty and light. (Not too good 3 days later- too moist).

4.  Mini carnations in this heat!  Can't believe these are not only surviving but doing well. Makes me smile;

I hope you enjoy these thoughts and pics! Check out Lee Anna's post for more at Not Afraid of Color.
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  1. The baby quilt is just adorable! Such pretty colors! What a great deal for your glasses, too! I need to take care of that soon, and will think about checking out Wal-Mart's deals.

  2. Pink glasses - I like them! and wow, what a difference in price. Cloud bread - looks interesting. I may have to try.

  3. Hi Mary,
    Yes, the glasses are very vital and I love pink. Walmart can't be beat for a lot of things, imo.
    White miniature carnations are actually my favourite cut flower. I love them and they are also inexpensive which is a plus. I have never tried growing them but really should. Yours are so pretty in pink and your baby quilt is so sweet too.
    I saw Cloud Bread on facebook as well and thought about trying it.
    Funny how though we live in different parts of the world we echo so many likes.

  4. Yep glasses are important and nice to see the pretty carnations. And that quilt is just gorgeous! So cozy looking and sweet colors.

  5. Yes glasses are important but yours are cute too. Love the baby quilt -such happy colors!!!