Monday, July 3, 2017

This is My Country


I wish I could be more excited about this 4th of July. My country is divided with a disgrace for the man in the White House and his cohorts. The Congress is no better in doing their jobs, but instead want to take health care away from the people who put them in their high paying jobs.

 I know it's not politically correct to state that in this arena but I have to write what's been bothering me for 6 months now.  I just hope and pray rational leaders will prevail in straightening out the White House and Congress.

In the meantime, this is MY COUNTRY.

Hope you are able to enjoy celebrating our Independence.



  1. Hi Mary,
    I watched the documentary on the two Roosevelt presidents and was struck by how intelligent, stately and modest they were. Considered true visionaries and statesmen with ardent, sincere wishes to help their country, they were exactly what my notion of the United States president should be. (and one was Republican and the other Democrat)
    I'm at a loss for words about the nowaday goings on.