Thursday, April 27, 2017



Thanks to Lee Anna of Not Afraid of Color I get to focus on sharing things I like today instead of moaning about negative "stuff'. Thank you Lee Anna.  It seems like everyday lately, there is another negative news break.  Gheeze.  I am so happy to have an outlet like Quilting to run to for therapy.

I digress.

Here are my likes for this week.

1. Making another quilt for donation.  This one came about thru a local church.  I volunteered to quilt up a top, batting and backing provided by the church and then add a binding.  It was really difficult because the batting was a high-loft and hard to corral. I had never worked with such batting before and will never do so again. Ugh! I also managed to re-injure my neck and shoulder due to reaching and guiding  the quilt thru the sewing machine for quilting. It's a full size quilt, soft and pretty so I'm pleased someone will have comfort :

2. New mini planters for my dining room window.  Aren't they cute?  Found the tray with the planters included at the "At Home" store nearby.

They have a slew of items with this design. Just sayin.( I spray the rocks with water to add humidity to the indoor plants).

3. A Patriotic Pillow Cover for my daughter's home.  We wanted a subtle, old fashioned look to coordinate with a pillow I made for her last year.  The fabric is from a layer cake of Sandy Gervai's Red, White and Free. I have made many items from this layer cake!

4. A finished quilt- the Large Thread Spool quilt.  This is about 50 inch square which is my favorite size because I quilt my own projects. The larger quilts are a killer on my neck and shoulders-see comments in number one.  I love this quilt and placed it on the wall over my sofa. It is made of leftover charms and jelly roll strips and inspired by Jenny Doan's (MSQC) tutorial on making spool blocks but I made some small changes for my design.  Very very easy to put together.  I added a Connecting Threads backing from the stash:

As you might have guessed it was a busy week of sewing-best kind. And, there are a few blocks on the design wall!  Guess I needed a lot of therapy. hee hee.

I hope all of you are having a good week and please stop to see Lee Anna's post for positive energy!


  1. Hi Mary, The planters are so pretty, bet they bring happiness each time you see them. It's so humid here my towels won't dry.
    The news is bad, much better to do what we can to resist then go sew to sooth our spirits.

    1. humid already? seems early in the season. Of course, it's dry and windy here.

  2. I love that spool quilt - such great colors. Those planters are cute - I like how the lavender goes with the green leaves.

  3. Quilting injuries - darn it! That is not fun, especially when you are doing it for a charity! I quilt all my own, too, so never make them much bigger than what you're saying. Your spool quilt is fun!

  4. Beautiful work to show for your aches and pains, Mary. Handling the bigger quilts is really hard; I don't like it. I have the spool quilt in my to do list so I've made a note that Jenny does it...maybe on YouTube? You are so kind...