Monday, April 10, 2017



My daughter and I had such a great time at Art on Cinnamon Roost. I was very good in that I only purchased a few gifts.

This is for my grandson. The author signed the book to him. He will be so pleased. They are a series of books, mostly in rhymes and are educational but fun.

This is a bowl with a recessed area for your thumb. a great salsa bowl and I purchased a special spoon to go with.

A Bejeweled spoon!  The artist wrapped tiny beads around the spoon with thin wire. Very cool. These 2 will be given to my son as a housewarming gift when his new home is completed.

So, except for eating unhealthy food, I did good.

Here at the farm were at least 50 sheep grazing next to the art festival. All in the middle of the city.

So fun. Hope everyone is having a great week!

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