Thursday, April 20, 2017

Things I Like Apr 20


Here are some happenings I like for this week:

1. My new pink shirt:

This is the only shirt I own with text!  I'm fairly conservative with my wardrobe or maybe that should read casual.  Anyway, I saw this shirt on Facebook in black and ordered it.  It was quite an extravagance for me.  I have been a fan of Willie Nelson for many years.  His music soothes my soul. Country Music is not my favorite but he seems to cross over into jazz, pop, you name it.  Unfortunately, the shirt does not fit or even come close. So far, I shortened the hem but I will have to alter the sleeves. I might even cut out the center and applique it onto a shirt I have that fits!  Or even make a pillow!

2. Dyeing unusual Easter Eggs to keep the young guy interested in this tradition.  My daughter and I were all set to color eggs but realized my 12 yr old grandson wasn't interested and would rather watch tv with the men.  Until I suggested we could make "Monster Jam" eggs.  Well he couldn't move fast enough to the table to help. Hysterically funny. Due to his Cerebral Palsy, there are few "toys" he has ever played with but recently went to Monster Jam with his dad and is hooked. So, I had a few stickers from an arena I built for him out of cardboard boxes and we stuck the stickers  on the eggs. That led to plain stickers for some family members, fictictous names and sports heroes:

The event was so much fun even Dad helped.

3.Building a Monster Jam arena for my grandson.  I'm not usually this creative especially with cardboard boxes, but this was fun. There is a ramp and 2 boxes which are the side arenas.  I just purchased party favors, and  attached contact paper with washi tape to the boxes. He can pretend to have the trucks do their tricks in the middle of the "arena":

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring and please see Lee Anna's Likes at Not Afraid of Color.


  1. So cool that you guys did your creative monster jam eggs and your grandson helped! I love that. And that Willie Nelson shirt is just about the best thing ever. He's really great. I'll never forget about fifteen years ago my sister was given free willie nelson concert tickets and decided she didn't care for it and left after 20 minutes! I was so sad!

  2. Every time I read your blog, I reply "Hi Mary!" to your Greetings! Just wanted you to know! Boxes make the best toys! We had all kinds of box contructions going on in our house when our kids were growing up. Hope your grandson enjoyed what you made. We are Willie Nelson fans, too, and especially enjoy his album that has Stardust on it.

  3. That is SOO creative! I bet he was tickled! and Willie - ah yes - Willie - one of my all time favorites - and when the HighwayMen were in town.... yep - I was there!!!

  4. I like Willie Nelson too. My favorite song is - If you got the Money Honey I got the time and Paul teases me for that :-)

  5. Lucky boy to have such a cool grandma!