Thursday, April 13, 2017



Hope you are enjoying spring. It's that time in the week for a concerted effort to actually write down things that I like! This is such a great exercise.  Thank you to Lee Anna at NOT AFRAID OF COLOR for allowing us all to take part in this positive energy.

Here we go:

1. Avocado toast for breakfast. Just avocado, mayo, salt and pepper. I buy these little mini's that are just avocado - no other stuff like guac. I have the worst time buying fresh avocado, judging the ripyness correctly etc.etc.etc. Or, maybe I don't want avocado for a few days and end up throwing it out. This is so more convenient and just about 4 Tablespoons worth in each serving.  I hope everyone has these available in your area.

Yes, this is more expensive about $4, but I'm not throwing any away.  Avocados are just so good for you. I happen to like them.

2. Art that moves me.  I love going to the  Phoenix Art Museum and do not go often enough.  I am in awe of any artist but some just take my breath away. When I started to quilt 5 years ago I did not know how artistic I could become. Now, my own art moves me -occasionally.

3.  The Voice on NBC. I love music, so this was an easy choice, but it's the format and judges that make the show. We look forward to a happy tv show when  other channels keep running bad news-real or imagined.

4. Seeds for Autism.  This is a program that provides jobs for adults with autism when the unemployment rate for these adults is 85%!  We found an outlet for them at our local nursery, Summerwinds , in Glendale, Az.

I purchased zinnia seeds, small pot, and a garden butterfly.  I then found another of their displays with small plants and tools, so I purchased a "coffee arabica" plant.

I don't know anything about this plant except it likes humidity which should be interesting when we live here in the desert. Since it  is a houseplant, I may be able to control the humidity. It's such a beautiful dark green.

4. Holiday table runners.  This is one for Easter :

It's not the best photo, but cute nonetheless.

 Here's a close-up of the center applique:

I didn't have a pattern, just started putting scraps together. Such fun.  I no longer have a rectangle table so I put this on my hope chest instead!

Well, guess these are my favorites for this week.  Hope you get a chance to see everyone's list at Lee Anna's post.


  1. oh I love avocado! Love and always have. It's a challenge to get one that turns out to be ripe but not rotten. We went on a house finding trip to CA once, and in one yard there were hundreds of avocados on the ground!! The owner had moved, so the agent said take what you want! I did, about 5 of them!
    I'm enjoying the voice too but there are a lot of recaps. Love the judges so much. And so much talent out there.
    going to check out the seed site now. LeeAnna

    1. I agree on the Voice recaps! have a great day. mary

  2. That plant looks intriguing! I hope you'll give us an update if it produces beans!

    1. Thx. The plant supposedly will grow to 6 feet! we'll see.

  3. The avocado looks good, and tasty! I've never put it on toast, but now I want to try that! :). I love your Easter table runner - pretty, spring fabric! I also like putting different things on my table for the seasons and holidays. It's always fun to make a new one!

  4. A lovely assortment of likes. It is always interesting to see how many we all have in common. THanks for the avocado info as I love avocado but had exactly the same issues as you so I will look for this in my local stores. Pretty table runner.

  5. I love! Avocado. I don't buy them too often because I'll just sit down and eat a whole one in a sitting and they're a little bit expensive for that, but I keep seeing avocado toast around so maybe I should try that! And your Easter table runner is so cute- I was thinking the other day that I don't have very many Easter or even spring decorations. A few valentine's day/winter things, but that's it. I need to make some new things I think!