Thursday, April 6, 2017

I like Thursday Apr 6


I'm grateful for the opportunity to post  likable thoughts thanks to Lee Anna at NOT AFRAID OF COLOR. It's an opportunity to focus on positive energy in a mixed up daily environment. I hope ya'll take a moment to check out all the good stuff over there.

In the meantime, here are my "liking" thoughts for today:

1. An anonymous post I saw recently:" You are what you love." So I am definitely a mom, gramma, quilter.

2. Farmer's Markets and outdoor art/craft festivals. .  We only have a short spring, so I have to get out there and check out the ones close by. I am very excited to go to one on Saturday:

This is "Art at Cinnamon Roost"at  a local small farm right in the middle of the city. This is such a cute place-goats, many sheep, chickens, donkey, ducks etc.  The owner, Melanie, is such a sweet person who has a family, works full time outside her home and manages with her husband to keep this farm running. Then, remarkably, has these Art fairs twice a year. This spring there are 50 vendors! Heaven.

3. Making holiday/event quilts for my daughter's home. (As if I need another reason to quilt). My daughter has a really busy schedule working full time and raising a special needs child so she likes to decorate for holidays or special events with sofa quilts, pillows and table toppers. Yay!
This week,  I made her a Spring Quilt:

This is from "Spring Fling" by Me and My Sister for Moda -a panel.  I then added leftover Bandana charms for the border. The backing is a pale green geometric print(sorry, forgot to photo). The binding is my new favorite Robin's Egg Blue from Bella. The quilt is small - about 38 x 49 inches. I only had a few days to pull it together so was thrilled it went well.
So cheery!

4.  On a serious note, I like Norton Security software for protection on my PC now and other electronic devices in the near future. This week, our US Congress passed a law undoing a previous law that protected our privacy on the internet and Trump signed it.  Now, Internet providers can sell our private information we have listed on the Internet.  So, immediately I received a notice from Norton Security because I have been a client of theirs for many years. I added WIFI protection to my security yesterday. This prevents servers from obtaining my personal data via my wifi. I am not paid by any sponsors on my blog, I just wanted to recommend everyone get their own protection. Just google WIFI Protection to see what's available for your needs. In the future, we may have to get even further protection of our personal  information unless our government changes these laws. The only other option is to not use the Internet.  That won't work, because companies and the government use the Internet which contains our personal data-banks, doctors,IRS, SSA, ....... Sorry for the downer but I felt this was an important topic.

Have a wonderful day and don't forget to see Lee Anna's post.


  1. Number 4... omg. Every day a new abomination. Profit for a few at cost to the many. Every day a new loss. As to the others... the quilt is just so springy. Outdoor art festivals... I LOVE them. I love going from booth to booth seeing pretties! Thanks Mary, for a great post.LeeAnna

  2. Very springy quilt! Lucky daughter!

  3. I love your Spring Fling quilt! It's wonderful that your daughter enjoys decorating with your handmade things - that's my favorite also, and now I make things for my mom to set out at different times of the year, too.