Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Things I like Thursdays May 24


Well, we are officially in summer- schools out for most kids and it's hot all the time (at least for me).  Once it gets to 90's everyday, it's just too hot for me.  But, I've lived all my life here, so I just stay in till Christmas (just kidding- I stay in after noon each day till October).

Here's a list of my likes for this week :

1. My cooking spices moved to a different cabinet.  I put them in one place when we moved in 3 years ago and have fought every time to see where a spice is while cooking.  I finally stopped the other day and moved them to a lower shelf in a different cabinet over my huge crock pot on the kitchen shelf.  I've moved a few other things around on the counter of this mini kitchen too.  Moving the spices had made such a difference in my cooking prep and time! As I always say, it's the little things.

2.  My finished "30's print" quilt.  I love how the addition of pink added to the overall color and design of this quilt:

This will be added to my donation pile . It's about 50 inches square. I used the MSQC pattern "4 x 4" made with 2 1/2 inch strips I cut from some 30's prints I've had in the stash for years.  I also used scraps for the second border and binding. Kinda cheery, don't you think? And, I made a slight dent in the stash.

3.  My May Pink/Rose RSC blocks.

Aren't they pretty? I used what few pink/rose  scraps I had on hand and then green (ish) mini charms
for the centers. I had no idea how dramatic that choice was till I saw the photos. I also didn't realize how little of pink I've made in quilts.  Hmmm.-maybe I need to join a fat quarter club to enhance my stash.  Have any of you joined a fat quarter club that delivers a bundle monthly? I don't need to spend a fortune but my stash is pretty boring.

4. My new tablecloth  clamps. I have a round table on my patio with a red checkered vinyl tablecloth on it. The cloth  constantly lifts with the slightest wind ( which we have almost everyday, for some reason). I had several ceramic plant pots on the table holding the cloth down.  So, I went to True Value store and found these clamps:

These work perfectly! I was so surprised how strong they are.  BTW, I had a delightful time at the True Value in Sun City as they pack so many different wares similar to the old fashioned hardware stores in the mid west of the U.S..  I spent an hour there!

Well, I have to run and get ready to go my grandson's house as I'm starting taking care of him for the summer, today! I hope I can prepare these "like" posts in advance each week.
Please join us at Lee Anna's post for more "likes":Not Afraid of Color.

Have a great week!
 I look forward to your comments!


  1. I love your 30s quilt! The pink does add pizazz!!! I also love LOVE those blocks for RSC!!! Do you mind if I use that pattern? I just adore the results! Anyway, have a wonderful day!

    1. Please do-it's so easy. I made it up. Just cut 2.5 x 4.5 strips then snowball the 2.5 squares to form the center square.

  2. yes, it's hot here too. All of a sudden. I realized I'm going to have to do walks early or late here. Yesterday I was out around lunch and thought I might not make it back home! The blocks are so pretty!!! and it seems to be a thing, to move in, then reorganize a bit later when you find out how you want to work.

  3. Your new quilt is so much fun! I love the color in it. I'm going to go look at that pattern on Missouri Star. I like your RSC blocks, too. I never have much pink either - had to do a little stash enhancement!

  4. Hi Mary,
    The tablecloth holders like they will do a perfect job and something I should pick up for sure! Otherwise we try to anchor it down in all four corners with something heavy, which works until someone moves it. I need to rearrange my kitchen cabinets a bit myself. My baking cabinet is just not handy - you are inspiring me to move it around. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I need to do something with my cooking spices. Your RSC blocks are fabulous.

  6. I like all your likes! I use the same table clamps when we go camping. It's so true...little changes and bring big changes.

  7. Hi Mary, you good grandma you! I know what you mean about reorganizing the spices. I have to do that on a regular basis it seems; I just can't return things to their spot.
    I'm a pink fan so of course I like those pinky splotches in the big quilt and the blocks too. Yes, the camera is a great eye for showing us what it seems we just don't notice.
    Keep yourself hydrated and cool. It's even warming up here too!!

  8. Those pink blocks are so cute! And I love finding gadgets that work just as you need (like those clamps).

  9. Good for you to do something about an ongoing frustration (the spices). It's funny how we put up with something that's not working, rather than fix it! I LOVE hardware stores - many of the local ones do much more than just hardware, and at reasonable prices!