Thursday, April 26, 2018

Things I like Thursdays Apr 26


Here is my list of likes for this week:

1. A new blog to follow. Jocelyn at canadianneedlenana posted about Susan Carlson's blog and You  Tube tutorials  a week or so ago.  Naturally, I had to check Susan out because Jocelyn's likes are similar to mine.  Wow, I had no idea how inspiring Susan's artwork would be. I have never made or even tried "artistry quilting".  I have admired Lee Anna's artistry at but did not feel it was something I could do. But, after watching Susan Carlson on You Tube tutorials, I am hooked:

This is my first attempt-Pastiche. Tiny, little scraps of fabric are glued onto muslin to form a piece. I cut batting and muslin about 22 inch square and drew circles on muslin; then started gluing scraps to the design.  It's a great exercise in color placement and a serene project.  I hope you will check out Susan on You Tube as her designs are so beautiful.

2.My grandson's 8th grade graduation photo . Thomas got his first real shirt and tie in his favorite color-orange!
He is trying to be serious while mom was cracking him up to make him smile.  Sooo  cute. He looks older than he is. It's hard to believe he was 1.5 pounds at birth. Thank you God.

3. Plant protein. So, this is a long story but here goes. I have several medical issues already and last  week got a new one for my birthday next week.  I seem to get a new, permanent, medical  issue every 10 years(40, 50, 60 and now 70th birthday- what's with that?).  This time was a little scary- I was weak, shaky, dizzy and brain fog!  After lots of tests-it was diagnosed as reactive hypoglycemia.  I had an attack every day for 11 days 2 hours after breakfast. Crazy. I've been borderline to diabetes for years but not this. Luckily, I had an attack in the doctor office and he checked my blood sugar which was low. He gave me a bottle of apple  juice right then and there. Twenty minutes later I was fine.
So, I was put on increased protein in my diet.  This is a very new area to me-protein shakes, powders, cookies, etc and of course watching carbs and sugars.  I already have a restricted diet- no gluten, so, yellow no.5. But, when you can find something that makes you feel better, sleep better and have more energy without drugs, I'm in.
This particular product works for me:
I spent days researching and trying different products as they are not inexpensive.  Plant Fusion is available online thru Amazon, but I didn't want my food product sitting in a hot delivery truck (about 120 degrees in a truck) all day so I purchased it at Sprouts.  I'm pleased with the results.  I do however carry snacks with me wherever I go just in case.

That's what has brought me joy this last week.  How about you? I  appreciate you stopping by and love your comments. Please join us at Lee Anna's Not Afraid of Color to see other "likes" posts.

This is going to be a busy week celebrating my birthday, and watching Thomas then on Friday because teachers are going on strike! This is really hard on parents who are finding alternative places for the kids while they are at work, but teachers need help too while the governor and legislature are not doing anything to help teachers-just talk. Scary times because the kids will suffer this late in the year and close to graduation.

Until next time-have a great day!


  1. Good Morning Mary,
    Aww, Thomas looks so cute in his new orange shirt and tie. So very handsome! What a miracle baby he is, growing so nice and strong since 1.5# at birth. Just gives me the chills. I am so distressed to hear about all the teacher issues across the nation - family in Oklahoma is on or near a strike, too. I hate to say that Wisconsin led the way with our Governor promoting it at their meeting how he took out our strong union. Poor pay, no limit to the number of students in classes - it is just sad that education as a whole is not important to this nation. Enough with the downer message! I will have to check out Susan Carlson's videos! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I might have the same thing. That described me often. Does that plant protein have soy? Allergic... I know I feel much better with protein not carbs. I've been having too many carbs lately, stress eating.

  3. Your grandson is adorable! Great photo to torture him with later :D Have a great week!

  4. Your first attempt at a new art technique came out beautifully! I am glad you and your Doctor are working together to get this low sugar problem resolved.

  5. I loved the photo of Thomas dressed up for his 8th grade graduation, Mary! Such a good looking boy! I hadn't checked out Susan Carlson's blog yet, but I like what you're trying there, so now I definitely will. It's always so fun to try something new! I'm glad you found a solution to what's been bothering you, and Happy Birthday!

  6. Your handsome, funny grandson! Medical issues are not fun at any age. So glad your Dr was able to help. Good luck and Happy Happy Birthday!

  7. Doesn't Thomas look thoroughly dapper in that colour! Your pastiche is so cool, and I will have to check Susan out, yay to Jocelyn for pointing her out. Happy birthday! Thanks for the Plant Protein info; I'm vegetarian, as is my daughter, so I'll pass this on to her too. We do get lots of protein as I love all kinds of beans, and I eat eggs twice a week too...I am WITH you on the no drugs...

  8. Pretty artwork. Your grandson rocks it in orange. :-)

  9. Carlson's blog is one of my favorites. Thank God you were at the doctor's office when one attack happened. I get something like that but not as severe - with me it's sleepiness. Thomas is so handsome.

  10. Your grandson is adorable! Great photo to torture him with later :D Have a great week!
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  11. Thanks for the shout out, Mary. I do like Susan's work so much and I just love that you have given it a try...looking good too. Is that batiks you are using?
    My older grandson is just having his 8th grade grad next month and also has to wear a shirt and tie. He is not as mature looking as handsome THomas and has just started to choose shirts over tshirts. But his voice is changing.
    I read your story about plant protein with great interest. I will do a little research as Tony is borderline diabetic and his nurse recommended a protein filled breakfast and a full one to stave off later weak feelings.

    1. Thanks for the kind thoughts! Yes, I knew I wanted to try batiks for this project and I'm pleased with the effect. This is Thomas' only shirt and tie as he is such a tshirt guy (mostly sports). This plant protein powder has really worke for me. Thank God because I do not like the feelings from hypoglycemia! Hope you find something for Tony. mary

  12. Happy Birthday! Your story about plant protein is very interesting - hopefully it will sort your problems out and leave you time to sew. :-)