Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Things I like Thursday Apr 12


Just in case you are wondering-we will probably hit 100 degrees today! Yeah, our So- Called- Spring was about 3 weeks. Ugh.   It's been a pretty busy week- new brakes on the truck, new fan installed in the living room and new blinds installed in the living room and dining room. This is an old home(1973) so some things were not made to last forever. However, see my number one "like" and others below:

1. Renting my home not owning. My last home was a money pit and as I've gotten older I can't repair or install stuff myself.  So then I had to pay for those repairs/installs or ask the kids for help. In the words of the "church lady"- "Not gonna happen".
The drapery rods fell out of the wall at the living room window when I went to close the drapes last Friday! Scared the daylights out of me! I lifted one rod hanging to the floor  and stuck it back up against the brace (the other is left on the floor with the ugly old drapes ).  Called the landlord, threw up a sheet and left for the quilt shop.
The repair guy came yesterday and installed custom blinds!  Love them- so much prettier and easier to clean. I don't know why he put  the rods back up on the wall. weird.

2.  The movie, The Martian. 

Sorry, this is the only photo I could find.   Matt Damon was cast perfectly for this role. The story kept me totally engrossed!  I love getting lost inside a movie.

3. Omiyage for Safelight. This is from the website,From My Carolina Home. Carole provides a project each year for shelters that provide services for domestic violence.  This year, the project is to make a very quick, easy, set of sunglasses case and cosmetic case:
I stopped all sewing and made a set in order to meet the deadline.  I used 2 fat quarters alternating the outer vs inner fabric. So cute.  Stuck them in the mail today.  Otherwise, they would never have been done in time. I provided the link to her website above and hope you will check it out.

4. The HST Cheat Sheet provided by Jacquelynne Steves at : jacquelynne

I couldn't duplicate this correctly for you, but have provided the link above in case you want to get it. I'm going to start a new project soon that requires HST's made with triangles and I  need to change the instructions so I can make HST's this way ( I don't sew triangles together to make a square -well at all).
This way, you determine the finished square needed, cut 2 squares, sew the 2 together down both sides of the diagonal, cut down the center and you have 2 HST squares.  So much easier and more accurate.

5. My new Rolling Shopper Tote from Amazon.

Officially, it is Olympia USA Cosmopolitan Rolling Shopper Tote.  It's for traveling with quilting supplies to class or a sewing day. It arrived yesterday and is big. Vinyl on the outside for easy cleaning and durability.  I needed something on wheels, but not my sewing machine case. I attend my sewing meetings on Wednesday but don't need to take my sewing  machine.  I was carrying a tote with supplies and projects but it was too heavy to carry from the parking lot, so I spent hours online searching for something lightweight on rollers. I think this will work.  It cost $31 plus tax and shipping. It stores nicely in the back seat of my SUV or here in my bedroom.

I thank you for stopping by and hope you will leave some comments.  I love reading your thoughts.   Please join us at Lee Anna's blog for more "likes" at Not Afraid of Color
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  1. Hi Mary,
    That rolling tote looks fabulous! Who wouldn't need something like that for many different applications - my best friend is a resource teacher now for five different schools. I'll bet she would love that instead of the 31 bag she is using now. She has her car as a traveling office, basically, and then pick and chooses what she needs to take into each building. Your new blinds looks great! I'm guess he put the rods back up because a) they were holes in the wall that he didn't want to repair, and b) some people put drapes over blinds to keep the cold out. Or in your case, maybe the heat! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Mary we do share so many likes! I've rented for about 20 of my years and they were carefree in just the way you mention. I would rent again in a heartbeat if I didn't have a hubby. I also really enjoyed The Martian...watched it a second time with the grandson. I love the solution finding theme it had. I used to always tell the teenagers I taught, there is a solution to every problem. That Jacquelynne Steeves sheet is so useful and I love your rolly tote too. As Roseanne mentioned I would have loved such a thing back in teaching days. I often used a cardboard box to take home work to mark(but that was back in the Dark Ages, LOL)

  3. Your new blinds look great, Mary! Our kids are both renters, and it is nice for them not to have to take care of those kinds of repairs or maintenance either. The Martian is one of my favorite movies, too! We caught a bit of it the other night while flipping through the channels, and I wished I could see the whole thing from the beginning. Your Safelight projects look wonderful - so glad you decided to join in!

  4. you're a bit more lucky on rental repairs than we are... still waiting for them and they ain't gonna happen. Love the clean look of blinds. Some people gild the lily with drapes over blinds.

  5. Cheat sheets! they're wonderful things. Those blinds look terrific. We're about to take the plunge from renters to owners. Eek! The Martian was great. I was amazed how well they pulled it from the book (wasn't sure they could do a good job with the way the book was written). Both were fun.

  6. Your blinds look good. I need to get some for the large (3 section) windows in our living room and dining room. The windows face south and now that all of the nearby trees have been removed, the sun is frying my house plants.

  7. Maybe so you can hang a valance?? Who knows. I like all your likes. Blessings,

  8. you're a bit more lucky on rental repairs than we are... still waiting for them and they ain't gonna happen. Love the clean look of blinds. Some people gild the lily with drapes over blinds.