Thursday, September 14, 2017

Things I like Sept 14


Wow-where did this week go?  I have been so busy but yet constantly watching the Irma storm batter so many lands.  Unbelievable.  But, so far, it seems many lives were spared which is remarkable and wonderful. But, of course the nursing home tragedy breaks my heart and I pray the people in the Caribbean get more help very soon.   We still have many prayers for all  survivors of our nation's dramatic events!

Here is a list of my likes for this week:

1. Pumpkin bread! I couldn't wait even tho today is going to be 105 degrees and I did turn the oven on! It's gluten free so I can gorge have some.
I love to have these type of breads with my coffee and electronics first thing in the morning!

2.  A pumpkin pillow for my daughter. I went to her home for dinner Sunday and she had all her fall decos out (with quilts and runners I made).  She said she had 2 placemats she wanted to give away but wondered if I could  make a pillow cover out of them and I said I could try.

I just love how it turned out! The placemats were made of a weird stretchy linen but I think it will last.  I just made a pumpkin from scraps, added a small border then appliqued it to the placemat.  I then split the other placemat in half and added a 4 inch rust border so I could make an envelope closing for the back, sewed the 2 pieces together and done.

3. Quilts for Houston. I finished 3 quilts for Houston and my daughter shipped them for me to save me money! Win for all.

The first 2 photos are the Lady Bug Quilt:

The top is layer cakes and the back is all lady bugs. It's a good sized throw-about 60 inches square.

The second is "Snow Fun" strips throw.

It was a panel that I cut up into strips, attached them together and added 2 borders.

The third was a scrap quilt I randomly pieced together called "Topsy Turvy":

I love making random scrap strip blocks. They are so easy and quick.  Plus, I barely made a dent in my scraps! This one was a little small so I added a pink/white checkered border which took longer to make than the top. I also added a light gray border to that.
I know people are struggling in Houston so I wanted to get these done and shipped quickly.  I may have 2 other tops half done which could be sent later. I have way too many WIPS right now and still need to make flannel pj's for winter! Not to mention Christmas gift quilts which are half done.

Please join us at Lee Anna's likes post for Thursdays:Not Afraid of Color.  Even tho she is in the process of moving which is not fun, she has kept her blog going!  Yay!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I love to hear from ya'll.
Have a safe and happy day


  1. I really like your Houston quilts, Mary! You are so generous. I have a couple of things in progress to send, but I'm much slower with them! Your pumpkin bread looks yummy, and glad you found a gluten free recipe that works. Happy Thursday!

  2. So many quilts in so little time. How wonderful! I'm sure people will love them.

    Pumpkin bread looks delicious.

  3. Your quilts for Houston completely warmed my heart Mary!
    Have a wonderful week!