Thursday, September 7, 2017

Things I Like Sep 7


Wow-We 're barely through Hurricane Harvey now here comes Irma.  I feel so bad for people living with these threats then dealing with the aftermath. My thoughts and prayers for everyone in these hurricane prone areas!

But, I have had some fun this past week, so here is a list of my "likes":

1. French Toast in a cup. Yes, that's what it says. I've been experimenting with this so here's a shot of the ingredients:
Vanilla creamer, cinnamon, egg, piece of bread. Grease cup first (I used Pam spray).  I cut up the bread in small pieces (no crust). In the cup-mix well the egg, 2 Tablespoons creamer and cinnamon. I didn't use the sugar but you could.  Drop in the bread chunks and mix well. Microwave 1.5 minutes. When done, add a little syrup.
Microwaves vary . Mine is 1100 watts.  So quick, easy and tasty.

I almost forgot to photo the result! Yummy.

2. Free gardening classes at my local Nursery.  My favorite nursery is Summerwinds. If they are in your state, I recommend checking them out.  The service is so helpful! My daughter and I went to one of their free fall planting classes and I actually took notes for a one hour class! Very informative on accurate soil, fertilizers etc for organic planting special to our area.

Aren't these beautiful? No, they are not mine. I wish.  Here in Az, the fall is our best gardening time of the year.  I cannot wait to get started again.

3. Starting to decorate our home for fall.  I have placed all new quilts around but only have the decos out as I need to dust first. UGH. I do not like to dust but I must because of our allergies, so that will be the project this week. Aren't the pumpkins cute?
Thar's my log cabin quilt on the wall.
Here is a metal pumpkin I purchased 2 years ago for the front yard:

It has weathered well.  I just need to wipe it off and find a spot outside. I use florist wire and tie it down underneath to a metal stand so we don't lose it in a storm.

4.  I LIKE GOOGLE.  For the third time in 9 years of ownership, a window "broke" (fell in the track) of my Ford Escape and I tried to tape it up till I can get to a dealership for repair of the motor inside that runs the window.  The tape does not work so I googled a solution.  Some quilters will recognize the "Gripper" used on rulers to cut fabric!  I purchased this one

at the bath department of Home Depot. It's a suction cup handle with release buttons. Exactly like my "Gripper"!   This has kept the window from moving for days so far.  I am so happy.

5. Dinosaur Bones at Home Depot.  You can't make this stuff up, people. This just semed so funny to me. I guess they were a Halloween display.

 Only for rich folks.

6. Finishing one project this week.  I have so many WIPS right now it's crazy. Here is my B&G table topper for Christmas:

It is 14 x 14 and the blocks are from the Moda Recipe book. The colors are more vibrant than what this photo shows. But it's cute and so so easy.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these looks and likes of my life and had a good week yourselves!  Please join us at Not Afraid of Color for more "likes".

Have a great day! Stay Safe!


  1. I'm so glad someone else has many WIPs. :) I also can't wait to try the french toast in a cup. I have all the ingrediants on hand.

    1. I hope you try it. Just don't forget to grease the cup. I forgot and took forever to soak it out. LOL

  2. Love the window fix. What a great idea!

    There's a lot of stuff in a mug recipe. I've not seen french toast before. Looks good.

    Love the bones at Home Depot. :-)

  3. Hi,
    Great shot. Love fall items, really cute. The Table Topper is gorgeous. Have a great day!

  4. You have so many great likes this week, Mary! Your French toast idea looks yummy, so I'm going to have to try it! I love your fall decor, especially the wall-hanging. I really like the Christmas one you're working on, too! Glad you found a solution to your window problem. I didn't know they made those types of things to use in the shower. I should buy one for the next time my mom and her friend are visiting, as I know they worry about falling in the shower.

    1. Thanks. Ya know, I had the same thought on that handle! But, I was on a mission so kept on it. When I get the window fixed, I'll have the handle for my special needs grandson to use in the bathroom! Have a great day. mary

  5. Well I will have to try that French toast (something I used to eat on a regular basis but haven't for years)! Cute tabletopper!